How to write an essay about American Dream?

How to write an essay about American Dream?

It is necessary to observe some distinctive features of the American Dream essay format. Its creator, writer, and editor Dennis E. Willen, presented his own vision of the American Dream in the form of a metaphor. Willen understood what the life of the rich individual means: the life of wealth is like a state of the mind. The mind is the body that produces the sensations that a person experiences in relation to the material world. Willen’s vision was of the epidemic of wealth, material prosperity, material comfort, and material wealth only for himself.

As a whole, Willen’s work is imbued with optimism. The writer was able to convey the ideas of the distant future into the present. The trends of economic activity were noticeable in his predictions.

However, the most important thing that Willen said is that the American Dream does not boil to the position of the planet as a whole. It includes a number of social ideas, the American Dream is just one of them, and they necessarily need to be expressed in other words.

As a nation, the United States is one of the most important and wealthy countries in the world. Therefore, many scientists from various fields of study consider the possibility of its catastrophic failure in economy and public relations.

Planetary analysis for American Dream essay

The American Dream is a crucial topic for research. Below, we will consider the history of this phenomenon, as well as provide you with a number of important facts proving that the Dream continues to exist.

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When writing the what is the American Dream essay, it is worth noting that, in the US, a whole industry of film and television was created. The modern total media output is enormous. However, the sphere of cinema is much smaller. Just like in the movie, everything has to be improved, simplified, and finally transformed into the film.

Mention in the American Dream essay that there are two systems of domestic television: on the one hand, the viewer receives information from a whole line of literature on the topic, and on the other, such information is considered as the result of personal vision and reflection of the viewer. Obviously, in this system, literature is expensive. But the level of its spending is absolutely on the highest level of progress.

In the second system, literature is expensive. But the income of the average viewer is several times higher than the income of the top viewer. Spending similar amounts of money, American viewers simply do not have enough money to consume alcohol regularly. And because of this, they often abuse alcohol on the way to get drunk or just get used to having great party platforms.

Because of the very affordable prices, the consumer of television is often a young family of two children. They live in a house filled with intelligent household appliances. There is always a TV in the house. The children sleep in, and the adults talk, in a library, in the street, in the restaurant, and in the evening, in the nightclub.

Thus, it is quite common for those children who do not work and have no opportunities to be seen in the modern world. Due to the lack of money, many people prefer to watch their favorite shows. Perhaps, this is the reason why, despite the modern way of presenting the information, the images of a TV show are attractive to the viewer, because for some time, the viewer does not need to look for them in the conventional way.

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TV is a truly American value for the younger generation. Therefore, it is important to view the phenomenon from the high-end side of the personality of the individual, to discover new and useful patterns in this depth.

guide to writing the American Dream essay

The greatest and serious challenge to date is the American Dream. This is a document one should write in the paper. The author should be aware of the history of the United States, its evolution and transformation into the “American Dream”. The paper should describe all historical events, judgments and expressions of the author’s opinion.

Today, this is a huge “thesis”, and therefore, it is quite difficult for the young people to grasp it. The phenomenon of American Dream is completely in the process of economic globalization, which makes the question of the existence of such a concept very complex and multifaceted.

The concept of the American Dream is a part of the basic understanding of the modern social and economic processes, their connection and reflection in the material world. In the light of these changes, the old American Dream is practically not accepted in the intellectual community, although the model of the American Dream is deeply developed.

Among the many modern theories of economic growth, the following are the most important:

  • Progress of production, social consumption, etc. in the context of the growth of the population.
  • Interesting fact for money and the American Dream essay. The fact is that the historically historically sanctioned maximum of working hours per week has consistently been exceeded.