How to write an essay about American Dream?

How to write an essay about American Dream?

The greatest American Dream is America, which is manifested in the entire history of the United States, and the whole country is involved in the activity of this dream, its perfect combination of ideas, character and conscience. The United States is a country of idealists, and the country is at the center of the American Dream.

  • So, the positive changes in the system of immigration may be described in your immigration essay introduction.

    Better access to the American Dream: the Americans are engaged in this process of their own free will. the majority of immigrants are students or tourists, and the visa categories are often adjusted to the maximum extent in order to meet the new requirements.

    More favorable conditions: more money, better education for the kids. Nonetheless, there are many ways to improve the situation of the working and middle classes of the United States.

    The following conditions are guaranteed in the USA:

  • The acceptance of children, as well as their education.
  • The right to take part in the management of a family.
  • The right to paid vacation, siesta, and holiday.
  • The right to natural justice. The person has the right to withdraw from society, but the court doesn’t always follow this rule. Only the rich have the right to expulsion. However, the procedure for obtaining this right is frequently threatened by the actions of unscrupulous officials and unscrupulous workers.
  • The absence of governmental support. In Europe, the state was a regulator of social, economic, political, legal, and cultural activity. As a rule, governors and legislators had to enforce their policies and act in the sphere of legal regulation, acting in the public interest. They provided the public with the results of the state audit. If the program managed to achieve the results of the program, the state was ready to fight corruption and implement the necessary legislation on the basis of the existing rights and freedoms.
  • The absence of democratic political system. In Europe, the rule of the prime minister or president was almost the rule of law and order, and anarchy was its exception. In America, there was no democracy, and anarchy was the exception. The prime minister or president was simply the most powerful person. As the ruler of the country, he possessed these skills. Moreover, this power meant economic and administrative freedom, the ability to bring up a revolution in the country, create a new state, open up new opportunities for the development of the country’s economy, increase income and change the life of the whole country.
  • The lack of universal and fundamental values. America remained democratic and liberal, but definite and fundamental freedoms (the right to life, liberty, and security; freedom of speech, press, worship, work, etc.) were not taken away. All these were protected by the system of values protection and opportunity for self-expression, for example, the right to citizenship, education, the right to life, liberty, and security.
  • Equality of outcome/result. It means the adjustment of socially and economically the same social and cultural values, the adoption of essentially similar social and economic policies for the beneficiaries of the same income. In other words, the equality of the situation in the society. Usually, it means the ending of the welfare program, which leads to a reduction in the welfare of the middle class in the process of economic collapse, and the distribution of beneficiaries over the population took place.
  • Equality of treatment.
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