How to write an essay about average unemployment?

How to write an essay about average unemployment?

The latest literature on unemployment and its effects is in the literature of economic and social science. This area of knowledge is especially fruitful for the essay type, because in each of its subsections (the micro-level approach) the student can find out something new about the topic. When, in other words, a new problem is considered exactly as a solved problem that is designed to help in some further research.

Since these elements of the academic writing are so important for the issue, it is worthwhile to consider them separately. In any case, the information from them will be useful to those who do not have enough patience to perform the full research in order to present the solved problem in the best light. As a workaround, you can use the recommendations on the structure we have listed for you above.

Recommended model for the unemployment essay

The following plan will help you write the best essay on unemployment:

  • Graphs showing the annual changes in the unemployment rates.
  • Estimated annual budget deficit of certain groups of the population (classes, professions, organizations, etc.).
  • Target unemployment rate. The amount of workers employed in the industry is the total amount of people who were engaged in the non-production activities: domestic and foreign workers, part-time and self-employed entrepreneurs.
  • We may note in the essay on income inequality and unemployment that the role of the single indicator is to reflect the problem of income inequality in the economy. The discrepancy between the positions of the middle class and the lower class partly depends on the level of social mobility. In the first case, the middle class includes the workers employed in industry and the peasants, part of the lower class (employed workers, part-time workers) in the rural areas. However, the urban population, especially the ones, which are engaged in the non-production activities, makes a buffer from the difference in the social status of the two groups.

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    Rural part of the middle class is engaged in the consumption of local resources, particularly, they are inclined to consume the free services of the state social sphere, such as medicine, education, police, etc. The urban population, in turn, is inclined to consume the free services of the state social sphere, but not the one, which is considered, for example, the service of social and medical care. The middle class is inclined to impose, regulate and equalize the opportunities in the field of political aspirations of the lower class.

    To make your income inequality essay, it is worth stating that the middle class is by no means a “classical” middle stratum. The difference is the position of the middle class in the social structure of society. In relation to the social order, it acts as a “regulatory mechanism” for the emergence of a new class, the free channels of upward vertical mobility, the possibility of political participation of the lower class in the system of political and economic activity, the increase in public confidence in state institutions, democratic system and rule of law by, tradition and religion.

    In the cultural sphere, the middle class is the custodian and distributor of values, norms, traditions, laws of society. Also, it is the source of cadres of officials and managers of different ranks – both for the state apparatus and for business. Self-regulation of civil society is based on the activity of representatives of the middle class too. This role is called the function of the administrative-executive regulator.

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    In order to identify the middle class, along with the size of incomes, their structure should be taken into account. The prevalence of some source of income is determined by the relative stability of the middle class. The amount of earnings, opportunities, and ease of their use also should correspond to the needs of the population.

    The following pattern can be traced in an income inequality research: the labor receipts dominate in the structure of the incomes of the middle class. Work activity determines the social status of representatives of this stratum. Unlike the elite groups, the share of income from property is lower, and, unlike poor groups, the share of social benefits is lower.

    The influence of social belonging is manifested, in particular, in the different attitude of representatives of the middle class to certain types of activity, the conditions and content of labor. Participating in the social division of labor, representatives of the middle class use their professional and qualification potential based on a high level of education.

    The structure of household expenditures also can play the important role as a criterion for the identification of various social groups, since there are laws linking income and consumption in the modern society. The structure of household spending is most sensitive to changes in the ratio of income to prices for specific goods.

    It’s worth stating in wealth inequality essay that, in the broad sense, the middle class refers to 60% of the population. This group has the incomes above the poverty line but not belongs to the richest strata.