How to write an essay about family values?

How to write an essay about family values?

The essay is a fairly free literary genre with a minimum of formal requirements. The author is required to express thoughts clearly, logically and not to make ugly statements.

Of course, it is quite challenging to write right from the start. As a rule, experienced authors try to work at this stage. For them, the essay is just an unpleasant episode. Even if the author himself is not inclined to always positive, it is at least difficult to make the reader understand that he is wrong.

So it is not at all difficult to compose an interesting, informative or even funny stories around the theme of your work. But the topic itself should be improved. In order to do it, you need to know the main features of the essay genre.

Story is the main element of the composition. You can create a simple, clearly structured plot that will become a basis of the entire work. Then you will be required to put forward your ideas so that the reader can clearly see the course of their development.

Idea is placed in the center of the narrative. So, thinking about the family members, you may start with an idea that the problem of love in the modern world is mainly associated with the continuity of the negative emotions. Since the absence of clear and accessible options for expression of feelings outside the standardized norms of polite society, some people resorted to example, statements and claims about certain classes of people. Such an approach led to the fact that the problem of love, which in the culture of some countries of the world exists at the stage of a transition from the industrial to the postindustrial society. The value of the individual and the concept of love in the context of modern society are not identical with the notions of friendship, sacrifice and love in the traditional way.

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If some of the sub-themes are of human nature, “Love is the life and death of a person” seems to be the highest point of the system. To some extent, this is true. But all others are equally important. The things become more significant and the issues of the relationship between people seem to be more serious.

Currently, the transition of the individual and the creation of a family are issues of considerable importance. The transformation of the image of family is carried out. The ideology of the second half of the twentieth century, as well as the ideology of the majority of the younger generations, was directly built on the social division of the existing barriers between the elite and the “common” people.

The division between the elite and the common people has already begun to fade away, and the struggle of the two sections of the population has instead become the process of the elimination of obstacles to the attainment of the common. The sub-section of the elderly, which is called the “second population”, consists of a number of indices – a part of which also should be considered in the essay on social mobility and family relationships.

According to sociologists, there are two different types of relations functioning in parallel in society: the traditional family and the modern family. Today, a family is a uniquely concentrated inner world of a person. There is a more significant number of family members: 2-3 wives and children, adult children and families with minor children.

Since the middle of the twentieth century, the transition of respondents from the hierarchy of family values to the marriage is observed: the absolute value of marriage declines, the value of families and marriage is moderately increased.

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Marriage evolves bringing to the forefront the importance of matrimony status as an independent value. The transformation of love into the main motive widens the range of moral requirements of the spouses to each other, increases the importance of personal, intimate communication. The tok somebody should rely on one’s own morals, underscore moral highness and vocation of the partner.

Social and sexual relationships are increasing in number and are important in the families of many families. The result of the transformation of love into the main motive is the increase in the number of sexual contacts, their intensity, the desire for sexual relations.

Sex is a means of reaching personal pleasure and satisfaction. However, as the activity of many men and women is shaped by the need for stimulation, the need for intimate contact is fairly high. The man begins to satisfy the needs of the woman through sexual acts. The woman itself may be a “compelling” in the role of a sexual object.

The modern individual finds himself in a unique situation. The reason for his alienation from the ordinary is the need to escape from the cultural institution. The social role of the man is to demonstrate the ability to use and apply various methods of sexual control over the woman.

Despite the fact that a large number of people still consider sexual activity to be an intimate relationship between a man and a woman, many husbands and wives also consider sexual contact to be an intimate relationship between a man and a woman whether the nature of the intercourse is friendly or not.

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A continuum of forms of sexual behavior can be lengthy.