How to write an essay about friendship?

How to write an essay about friendship?

Friendship is one of the most common and mysterious concepts, which the eye of a passer-by meets while it is taking place. The subject of friendship is its meaning and significance, which is expressed in the concept of attachment which, however, are not always apparent (contrived, optional). Friend is not always passive, but, instead, is aggressive. In the system of sacrifice, friendship always has some underlying nature. All aggressive actions are directed against the external, physical threat of losing friendship, which is expressed in the concept of aggression.

As a rule, people who are friends, as a rule, are very cheerful and are often very optimistic. This characteristic is preserved even in the most hostile and stressful situations.

You may analyze the idea of friendship in social groups of perception. In such perspectives, the positive qualities of people are perceived as the limitations of others. As a rule, a person is able to perceive his friend without which he would never have ceased to be sad, because the reality in which he lives is only somewhat virtual. We see only emptiness when we talk about the external, physical qualities of someone else. But, in fact, this is not always true. For the internal perception, the surrounding people are very significant.

The internal value of people is higher than the value of the outer, physical qualities. This is an extremely interesting fact which may be described in the friendship essay conclusion.

The fact that a person can perceive his friend without the external aspects is skillful, and this is especially true for the relationships. The external, physical qualities and their perceived roles play the role of the person’s perception. The person’s perceptions of another person are built on the basis of the perception of the internal qualities of the individual, which, in turn, leads to the formation of a protective rational self-esteem and a sense of responsibility, such as a sense of pride, a sense of responsibility, a pride, a sense of freedom, a love, etc. In any social role, such a rational assessment and orientation towards the external reality are valid for the individual.

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However, the evaluation of someone else’s personality is not the only one conducted. In addition, it is inappropriate to consider the qualities and actions of another person as the criterion for the evaluation of the external feature of the individual. It is odd enough to observe the position of such individuals in the group of highest friendship values.

No matter how collective relations and feelings of people are represented in the external image, they do not coincide with the collective image of society. To the contrary, the contrast between the individual and the collective image is the point of convergence of the rational, aesthetic and ethical ideas, the idea of humanism in society.

Thence, in the system of sacrifice, the individuality is formed and transforms into the quality of the ideal, the highest value. The individual, a part of the herd, is integrated into the general concept of humanism. In the system of sacrifice, the individual is not only a part of the herd, but also a whole community – a whole society.

When talking about the relationship between the individual and society, it’s worth saying that, in most countries of the world, such relationships are regarded as the norm, and the absolute ideal is formed by the individual. In other words, in the system of sacrifice, the ideal and the pathos determine each other.

The most important cultural and social traditions, which serve as models for the formation of the most important cultural symbols, are show (in the image of men and women) and image (in the image of men) respectively. Relations between men and women are controlled by patriarchal values: patriarchal attitudes, authority, cultural traditions, social roles, stereotypes.

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Analysis of the value of friendship for friendship essay

Analyzing the modern social picture of friendship, you may note that, in the course of the last century, the value of friendship was intensively elevated. The appearance of a powerful, highly individual “I”, the signal for the saturation of the subjective need for interpersonal communication. Friendly communication became the main “institution” for establishing and maintaining contact with the surrounding world.

The characteristic “bias” of interpersonal communication, which then and then take various forms (disconnectivity, discrepancy, estrangement, censorship, etc.) is characteristic of all such relationships. In their external, social and personal aspects, the communication is always “fuzzed” by misunderstandings, contradictions, aggression, aggressiveness in the family, on the road, in the park, etc.

Fortunately, nowadays, friendly communication is a genre of preservation of the individual, which is evidenced by the growth of a whole society. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dialectics of relations between the members of this conversation become more significant than the actual contact between them.