How to write an essay about friendship?

How to write an essay about friendship?

It is important to understand the importance of friendship in social life. This phenomenon exists in three forms: emotional, social and economic.

Emotional attitude towards another person is formed. As a rule, it manifests itself in the form of attitude towards the inner world of the individual: his (own) personality. However, in the case of friendship, the opposite situation is often true: sometimes, the friend is an hero and the victim is a villain.

The psychological aspects of friendship, which you should describe in your hero essay, are irrational, contradictory and multifaceted. A person can’t simply don’t like the partner. This problem is paradoxical in nature. So, it’s worth taking into account the prejudices of the outside world in order to entirely understand how contradictory this concept is.

Social stereotypes, prejudices, rituals, some actions, a set of motives for friendship, lack of communication with other people, mutual limitation of personal actions, disagreement between the closest friends, etc. In the case of friendship, it is irrational, weak and undesirable. This is the opposite of the idealistic, altruistic attitude towards another person.

The arising tension of psychological and social space, the open conflict of contradictions in the world, the intergenerational conflicts and problems of the world, the pathological unity of the psychologically distant and narrow circle of friends – may be described in your friendship essay.

The double concept of friendship is typical for the early youth. A person is a creative, sensitive and vulnerable person, and this double content in itself is indicative of the speed and cause of the recovery process from trauma and disappointment in friendship, the ability to come closer and share feelings with someone else, the desire for understanding and full understanding of the other person, the desire for self-disclosure and the experience of own pain.

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The second concept of friendship is sociological: it is a set of values and attitudes towards another person, the ability to share own space and relationships, the most important joint activities, etc. Friendly relations are believed to make the person feel pleasure and joy. The enjoyment of the individual is intense. The sense of pleasure is purely physical, mental and the inner state. The objective reality of friendly relations is completely justified by the subjective experience of space in which different feelings permeate.

Thus, it is quite natural that, going to a new place, the individual has to find it out quickly, without going beyond the comfort zone, which is already quite high. In order to achieve success, he has to know where to start, how to get out of the situation.

The mentality of a friend is its analysis and evaluation (communicative intentions and attitudes, evaluations and so on). Through the space of the individual, the individual is free from excessive, painful judgments about own deeds, opportunities, achievements, sometimes even and sometimes detrimental deeds. Such judgments are directed at the victim, can lead to the restoration of self-esteem and self-respect in the hearts of the individual.

Sentences should not be too harsh: in general, it’s advisable to consider the communication with the friend as an important event in his life, state it as if they were directed at the enemy. Such an attitude, to be honest, helps to conquer the problem of communication with the friend, to show respect for his conditions.

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Although, if, for example, when speaking to a lady, the author with her is inclined to impose on her higher demands in the organization of friendly relations, more attention should be paid to the external, physical limitations of communication with the friend.

Another characteristic feature is the deep loss of knowledge about own desires. This phenomenon manifests itself in the fact that the perception of own desires is greatly simplified when the external, physical world is compressed. A person can’t do anything with his knowledge, and the thought “I need help with my friendship” lingers inevitably in his head.

Thankfully, the modern psychology of interpersonal interaction allows us to see the real situation and the motives of the person who suffers from this problem. Mention the following fact in a “What to do if you’re searching for friendship?” essay: the main feature of interpersonal communication is the balance between the demands and the requirements. The conditions of the interaction with the friend no longer correspond to the notions of “I need to tell friends” in the real life.

The interpretation of the friend as a kind of objective assignment is often very narrow. The external, physical limitations of communication with the friend manifest themselves in the fact that the friend does not disclose the content of his communication.

The circle of communication with the friend is very narrow. As a rule, this is a brief discussion of the actuality of the conversations. The real content of communication is indicated only in the outcome, in the values and perspectives of communication.

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The concept of friendship with respect: it is a special form of interpersonal interaction in which the mutual participation of partners is carried out in the essence of mutual service and love.