How to write an essay about the American Dream

How to write an essay about the American Dream

It is worth starting the American Dream essay with this question, which haunts the whole current era. The term American Dream is often used to describe a worldview of the American Dream, which is the idea of America’s ideal future arising in the culture and state. It matters not only that this concept is outlived in the collective consciousness of the US Founding Fathers, but also that the whole American experience in the spiritual sphere has grown and matured under the influence of the principle of universal equality. The whole country and the world are involved in the American Dream. The current state of the world and the fate of the American Dream are seen by the entire humanity as a whole.

In the period of the American Dream, political and juristic norms of interaction, developed primarily by Locke and Rousseau, are being developed. In them, the struggle for the elimination of inequality, injustice, and tyranny is carried out.

In the New World, there were extremes in the struggle for the American Dream. The economy and the single goal of human nature were firmly focused on the struggle for wealth, and the dream of the New World was relatively short-lived. The wealth was basic, but the dream of wealth was only a means for achieving psychological satisfaction. The society and the state were capable only if the citizen was able, in relation to the state, to possess the wealth and property, and consequently, to achieve economic equality. The economic imbalance was usually not less than the social and personal conflict. The main social conflict of the time was inherent to the American Dream, which, however, were very different from the medieval European conflict of the passions and prejudices.

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For the first time, the American Dream appeared in the American consciousness in the mid-1580s. At that time, it was still above the feudal system of power and feudal attitudes. The frontier of the new continent did not just allow, but also very encouraged the poor. The Irish poor, who appeared on the wave of immigrant workers from Europe, into the ranks of the free white population. The lower social strata had little opportunity to remain on the low run of society. But this opportunity gave out to the middle class of the free white population.

The situation of the middle class in the United States was much better than in Europe. If the slaveholder was a highly educated man, he could afford to receive only the best education for a poor fee. The contrast in the positions of the two social classes was less significant than the movements of the slave and the free merchant. However, the marked difference in the levels of the growth of the middle class was greater. In Europe, the middle class was usually formed from the work and aristocracy of the state, from the name of the noble new order. But America showed the opposite side of this trend in the process of the elimination of the feudal aristocracy. The middle class was formed instead from the ranks of the free white population.

Religious circles criticized Malthus for his views on the child labour. The Church believed that any artificial restriction of fertility (contraception, abortion, sterilization, etc.) is the interference in the affairs of the Lord.

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In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. America narrowed the idea of success to one component in a concrete, tangible form, and happiness was determined by the number of banknotes. The dream of happiness was embodied, as Tocqueville said, in the romance of figures which have an irresistible charm. The cult of wealth has become almost religious. It was a special form of idealism, the growth of which, more than any other, was derived from the sheer force of human will. Tocqueville described it as follows: there is something supernatural, mystical in the incredible ability of Americans to acquire.

Writing the American Dream paper, you can refer to the words of the American Dream essay introduction. This may be a kind of introduction for the whole essay. The author should have anticipated the reaction of the readers to his dream, the utterance of the basic idea of the essay.

The following words of the introduction are worth – very talking, very initial. The reader should immediately receive a clear and accessible information about the topic. It is the initial condition that gives rise to the subsequent analysis.

Tocqueville, in his famous work “A Treatise on Population”, claimed that, in the US, a completely rational approach to determining the level of population is preceded by a fundamentalist in the idea of the fact that the country is a “special case”. It does not follow from the argument about the minimum wage, the lack of population, the cheapness and the demand for labour, the result of excessive population on the level of the country’s population. You may push forward the following statement in an essay on the population crisis: only those factors of the main environmental problems that are known to exist can be used as factors of the optimum population growth.