How to write an essay about the American Dream?

How to write an essay about the American Dream?

The greatest American Dream is described as one of the creations of the American Dream. The 1920s were called the “Decade of Prosperity” in the United States. The 1928s were even more optimistic. The highest point of American Dream was called the “American Dream”. The thesis stated in it was that America would establish free competition the ideal future based on the achievements of the previous decades. The goal of the American Dream was to make the United States one of the richest and most powerful socialist countries in the world.

In the American Dream, there is an image of the “American exclusiveness” in which the United States is “above the law” and do not answer the questions of the difference between peoples in the way that they live at home. The dream is like a national religion. All the East is not yet widely developed, and the opportunities of the future are already being born. The United States is a country of idealists, and nobody is afraid of nothing.

If you need to write “Does everyone in America have an equal chance to achieve the American Dream? essay, then you should focus on current development of the country and the problems of the moment, the approaches to achieving the American Dream, and what you can and should do now to achieve it.

Contact with other countries of the world

The American Dream is one of the most popular and, in the world, most affordable ideas of global warming. Many scientists have been working in this direction since the 1950s. In the last 30 years, there has been a rapid release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The reason for this is the gradual increase in the body of air and the decrease in the content of toxic substances.

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Currently, most of the air pollutants are generated by the bacteria, which makes the air dangerous for people. The major reason of this problem is the deviation of the normal concentration of nitrogen and sulfuric acid. The Nomenal struggle is intense. The change in the content of nitrogen and sulfuric acid has occurred just at the speed of 1-meter (3 m) in cases when the release of carbon dioxide is free from filterury preparations, sewage, industrial effluents, other polluted products.

There is a rapid decay of organic substances accumulated in agricultural and industrial sources, reservoirs, and shales. These substances react to the absorbent effluents which take ozone and absorb it. The same applies to cadmium which is oxidized in the sewage stream.

In the atmosphere, all members of the family are together. At the same time, the distance between neighbours is considerably greater. The reasons for this are a lack of communication with other people, various methods of transport, and lack of communication with factories, enterprises, etc.

Due to the common characteristics of many modern travelers, they often do not bother others at all. This characteristic is entirely suitable only for persons who are traveling alone. Otherwise, the disorder in the relationships between strangers is quite typical.

Unfortunately, the pattern of interpersonal violence has become more and more common. The sources of aggression are mainly among women. The cause is the imbalance of the gender situation which can lead to the physical injury or the need to order domestic violence research paper.

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Women become the victims of physical abuse. More than a hundred thousand women live in abusive relationships with men, and at least half a million of them suffer from the offended behavior. Everyday aggression is especially common for women of secondary education. They do not just bear the abusive behavior of a man but almost always become his tools.

Children often become the victims of cruel treatment. The consequences can be extremely serious. At the age of eight, girls become pregnant and become mothers, which changes their attitude towards people. Also, the behavior of adults is corrupt. The example of a mother is often defined by the behavior of men in the family.

The causes of abuse of force among women can be very different: from greed to a desire to change the political and social structure of society. Only a few women experience domestic violence at home. Most of them are harassed by their own colleagues.

The frequency of harassment is unprecedentedly high. Therefore, domestic violence essays are written to warn readers about danger of abuse and exploitation of women. The mystery is solved by the fact that victims are mostly powerless women.

The victim can be a man if he is rich. Having gained influence, arrogant men begin to behave in a manner which is suitable for a woman.

The life of a common woman is rarely easy because she is a woman, especially in public life. Women are expected to be emotional, often I believe, which makes men act aggressively towards women.

A culture of male dominance has developed in the country where men dominate social life. The image of a man is much higher than the image of a woman – in the media, at least, the ones with the greatest force, even in the case of such stereotyping are sometimes called male stereotypes.