How to write an essay about US income inequality

How to write an essay about US income inequality

The United States of America are considered to be the richest country in the world. The income of US citizens are higher than in England and France. The level of social stratification is lower, but the traditions of economic inequality are preserved.

But the, which, in addition, understates the social and economic possibilities of the American society. As of the standard of living, most Americans are well aware of how much money their parents receive. Most of them earn less than $10-20 a day. The real average income of US residents is much higher.

But the financial situation of the average family is not compelling. The financial opportunity of the middle class is to participate in the distribution of incomes along with the participation in the distribution of goods and services. As before, the upper and middle classes constitute a single population, and the distribution of incomes is carried out strictly within the middle class.

The interests of the middle class are not only to increase the income of the middle class but also to control the expenses of the latter. Let us explain the mechanics of this function in income inequality essay.

The standard of living is determined by the average income of the population. The income of any part of the population is the value of the goods and services which provide a decent life. Accordingly, the middle class plays a big role in the distribution of incomes among the population.

To make income inequality essay conclusion, it is worth stating that the exemplary form of the middle class, which exists in the modern US, could be called a “social dividend”. The difference between the elite and the middle class is very great. In real terms, this part comprises all layers of the American society. Its life, positions and positions are fixed by law, and are determined by the will of the elite.

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The following definition of the middle class in the light of social mobility and economic imbalance, which may be found in any example of social work with the income inequality research essay:

  • It is an independent social group, the component of whom are high-ranking government officials, for example, William Clinton, in the 1960s.
  • It is established that all people within the middle class have the same basic level of wealth and income. In other words, the middle class is an independent social subject.
  • In the system of economic inequality, the middle class invests funds in real estate and liquid assets. Much of this activity is aimed at achieving economic growth through additional external pressures, such as inflation, unemployment and social inequality.
  • In the system of economic inequality, the middle class is very good at restricting the opportunities of the poor, hindering their ability to escape from the position.
  • In the system of economic instability, the middle class is particularly good at suppressing the weakens of the middle class, which, in turn, contributes to increasing the inequality of the middle class.
  • The idea of a single national standard of living is often met in the speeches of politicians. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the idea of a common national standard of living was very far from topical. Only 1% of people mention about it in their opinion.
  • The social role of the middle class is determined by the degree of social mobility of the population, i.e. the level of the incorporation of the middle class in the social hierarchy, the level of social interaction with other social groups, their mutual assistance and support.
  • The level of social mobility (the percentage of people beyond the middle class) is determined by the level of the mobility of the society (the number of entrants above the middle class).
  • In the 1960-70s, the middle class was so highly developed in the economic inequality that, almost immediately after the mid-1980s, it began to move forward. The percentage of the middle class in the economic inequality was almost 30%, and the first attempts of the upper class seemed to be powerful.
  • The thesis of the middle class in the economic inequality essay is the existence of a relatively high level of economic inequality, which, however, were not so significant in the period of the middle class dominance.
  • In the 1980s, the real wages declined. But the distribution of the middle class income was almost even greater than the wealth class. As for the distribution of these two classes, there were more opportunities for entry into the middle class in the 1980s.