How to write an essay about US income inequality?

How to write an essay about US income inequality?

The United States of America are considered to be one of the most economically developed countries in the world. According to the results of the 2017 International Monetary Fund (IMF), the American economy is already in a formal free competition with China. China managed to become a strong economy through the state monopoly on the means of production of international resources.

Despite the achievements of the American economy, the process of inflation is expected to grow in the next 10 years. The IMF predicts that in the first half of the 2020, the average cost of an US prescription drug will be three times higher than prices of Chinese goods.

The production of energy, education, and medicine are expected to increase in demand. The price of their use in the economy has steadily increased. Moreover, the proportion of their use in the population has steadily increased. Thus, the basic needs of the population are expected to be met by an increase in income and living standards of certain groups of households.

In the infrastructure of the Third World countries, there is already a material basis for an overview of the industry and the state of affairs in the field of automobile manufacturing, farming, chemical, etc. However, these factors should be taken into account when planning the work of an essay on income inequality.

Analysis of modern history for income inequality essay

The period of modern American history which begins with the invention of the small web and ends with the telephone and e-mail was characterized by the rapid evolution of technology. At the same time, it is worth remembering that only 15% of people live on a normal income. All the other criteria for the income inequality of the population are consistently held.

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For example, in 1937, it was the first time when a group of people called the “Elites” emerged on a social level worth mentioning in income inequality essay. The following years were marked by the rapid growth of electronic devices, so-called “pre-paid” services. The amount of income of the average American was actually lower than in the previous decades, but a significant gain in income was the result of changes in the work and social sphere.

The main positive effect of the American experience in the field of professional activity was the formation of a professional elite which included the leaders of the new factory and the farmers who formed a powerful labor force. Not only machines have become commonplace, but also very profitable. The skilled workers could no longer be employed, highly paid, and share their income with the producers.

However, the elite failed to maintain its dignity, and its authority slipped away only after the revolution. The first pantheon of American society was destroyed during the 40s, and the dreams of the future were crushed, the path to the future was closed, the ladder to success was cast. In the second half of the 20th century, the process of property differentiation was maintained, and the distinctions between the two classes increased.

The second stage of the development of the American Dream was the 1970s, the era of the appearance of a glamour model and the emergence of a fashion trend. The former function of the empire was to unite the diverse expressions of the American Dream, to issue a common language and to allow the people to talk about their achievements. However, the movement for personal rights began to fade in the 1970s, the tone of rhetoric has changed, the strategy of the present-time attack against the United States has changed.

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If you’re looking for unique income inequality essay topics, consider writing about the era of the American Dream, its real development and historical analysis. The United States of America were a model for the future, and the economy of the republic was optimized for the needs of the working class. The middle class became a mix of the numerous individual opportunities which were already being realized, and mainly by the workers.

The economy of American society, which, in turn, was designed to keep the “beard” of the middle class in the process of accumulation. The lower class provided the necessary material base, and the middle class accumulated wealth only. The very existence of the middle class allowed it to influence the social process and to exploit the emerging opportunities of the other strata.

The concept of the middle class for economic inequality essay

The theoretical definition of the middle class (indisputably, the basis of modern society) causes the greatest controversy among economists and sociologists. Given the limited information on the standard of living of the population, it makes sense to proceed from the fact that the middle class got its name due to place in the social hierarchy, as a group of people with an average income for a given society.

In theoretical sociology, the term “middle class” means a part of society that occupies the status positions between the top and bottom in the social hierarchy. Through its maintenance, widening the range of social positions, the state can prevent high income inequality.