How to write an essay about US income inequality?

How to write an essay about US income inequality?

The United States of America are considered to be one of the richest countries of the world. Let us explain why the top of income inequality is important.

In the US, a whole industry of film and television was created. The face of the advertising industry is obvious: there is nothing cheap on the market. Third-party agencies and agencies (which are usually called “midstreamizers”) do not always report on the income of their clients. This is a necessary information. Therefore, the public, and the industry as a whole, becomes the first line of defense against corruption that affects the ruling elite.

Public confidence in the state, international organizations, and the United States in the role of the leading power are reflected by the attitude of the society to the state, by the way, which allows everyone to feel safe, regardless of political systems which serve only as a means of achieving the ultimate goal.

The economy proved its dominance not in the social sphere but in the sphere of statehood, in the arena of international competition. In the process of reaching this goal, American society has made great strides in the creation of material production. The imbalance between the classes has decreased. But the struggle for the elimination of inequality is still ongoing.

Because of the struggle, the United States becomes a “golden rule”. The achievements of the last decades contain an increase in the material well-being of the poor, social security and benefits for the elderly, the protection of the middle class. Those who have benefited the middle class have become a “millionaire” in the recent years. Such examples of success the middle class are trying to solve.

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But the process of economic stratification of Americans is not yet over. The struggle for the elimination of inequality continues.

How to prevent poverty and inequality?

Based on the experience of the last decades, it should be noted in essays on social inequality that the key to preventing poverty is the economy, which, in turn, is used by the vast majority of households all over the world. In other words, the level of which determines the level of consumption, which, in turn, is the basis of the economic imbalance in the society.

The following definitions of the concept ’family’ exist in the United States:

  • In this country, there are a hierarchical system in which different members of the family have a dominant role in the distribution of income and are closely interrelated.
  • The ideology of the majority of the population is society-centered and socialistic. It assumes the establishment of a system of state regulation of the application of rights, obligations and freedoms, the organization of mutual assistance and support between the population, the provision of rights and obligations of the individual.
  • The family acts as a cultural community – a network of people, social activities, entertainment, sports, various kinds of entertainment, a mass media “Energizer” which generates advertisements and the dissemination of information through the mass media.
  • In this sense, the family acts as a cultural community – a system of interrelated and collective activities which provide the necessary information and communication skills for the system of economic activity, the realization of the corresponding interests, and the formation of a common language, the ability to facilitate the communication of work, artistic creativity, etc.

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  • The system of social relations in the family is represented by a system of public institutions – a set of definitions, a system of mutual assistance and support, the exercise of the social roles necessary for the functioning of the family.
  • Family acts as a cultural community – a system of interrelated and collective activities which are carried out in the framework of the rule of the family as a social institution.
  • Public institutions – public arenas, entertainment, sports, fairs, social activity, etc.
  • Art festivals – creative projects, contributions to the cultural heritage of the people.

    Celebrations – special parties and performances.

  • Festivals – the migration of the population to large cities, the formation of new communities, the population’s rejection of the outside world with the preservation of traditional culture.
  • Observance of human rights outside the US: the and European community managed to do much to eliminate discrimination in the United States, and it is even difficult to imagine how many achievements the free American dreamers had in their ranks.
  • A number of special laws and programs reducing poverty, the adoption of the anti-discrimination law and the ban on the entry of children into the institution of marriage.
  • The work of the United States in the field of human rights is an example of the effective fight against corruption that has developed in the following countries: from the moment of the American Revolution (1777-1804) to the present time. The list of such laws and programs is very long. In all cases, the goal of the protection of human rights is the elimination of corruption, because it harms the public good.