how to write an essay about what i like to do in my sparetime?

how to write an essay about what i like to do in my sparetime?

– Start off with a quick introduction of your topic; which is what you enjoy doing with your spare time.
– Explain what you do in life to deserve your free time.
– Talk about when you have free time.
*NOTES/SUGGESTIONS: Keep it short, don’t mention too much of your topics, but tease your reader into wanting to know more about what you do with freetime. Short, simple, and interesting.. If you read it and think it’s boring, it probably is. But don’t worry about editing it yet! Keep writing the essay until the end, and you can edit the stuff you don’t like out.

Paragraph 1 – Reading.
– What do you like to read?
– How often do you read in your spare time?
– What kind of books do you read?
– What are some benefits of reading?
– Why do you read?
*NOTES/SUGGESTIONS: Give details on reading, throw in a few quotes from books that you enjoyed, or a short history on your favorite author. Summarize a book you recently read. Talk about when you first began reading, and what made you enjoy it at first. Did you like reading when you learned how to read, or did you only start to enjoy it when you got older?

Paragraph 2 – Shopping
– What do you shop for?
– Where’s your favorite place to shop?
– How much do you spend on average?
– How many times a week/month/day/year do you shop?
– Do you shop with anyone else, or do you like to shop alone?
– What is one thing you recently bought that makes you glad to shop?
– Why is shopping fun for you?
*NOTES/SUGGESTIONS: Give a detailed description of a time you found something you’ve always wanted/fantastic and you bought it.. How did you feel? Who were you with, and where did you buy it at?

Paragraph 3 – TV Shows
– What do you enjoy watching?
– What type of shows do you like?
– What is your current favorite show?
– What’s your favorite show of all time?
– What are the benefits of watching TV shows in your spare time?
– Do you do anything else while you watch?
*NOTES/SUGGESTIONS: As with the reading sections, give a few quotes from the television show. Explain what makes a good TV show for you to watch. What shows would not be worth watching. Make sure you don’t go into a full out ramble or rant, though.

Paragraph 4 – Music
– What type of music do you like?
– What’s your favorite artist/band?
– What do you like to do when you’re listening to music?
– What kind of sensations does music give you when you listen to it?
– What are the benefits of listening to music in your spare time?
– Why do you love music?
– When did you start listening to music in your spare time?

Paragraph 5 – Free time
– What is free time to you?
– Why do you think it’s important to have free time?
– If you had more free time, what would you do?

Conclusion // End Paragraph
– Summarize your essay in a few sentences.
– Explain that this is your freetime, and this is what you do with it, and explain just as free time is important, so is working hard and doing your best; or something of a balanced conclusion of hardwork and freetime.
– Generally come to a conclusion of the entire essay; once you’re done writing all of that, you’ll know what to say. 😛

I hope I helped somewhat!