How to write an essay on child abuse

How to write an essay on child abuse

Child abuse exists on all socioeconomical and cultural levels — not only children from low-income families suffer from such terrible thing.

Children can be hurt not only by their parents — actually everyone can be an abuser, parents’ friends, strangers, a maid. If you are thinking about writing a child abuse by maid essay , don’t hesitate — this topic deserves a whole treatment.

The financial cost of child abuse and neglect and its consequences in United States only is estimated at $590 billion.

There are different children abuse risk factors that affect victims’ lives, and these include alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and domestic violence.

The younger child abuse victims, the more vulnerable they are. 49% of children who become victims of abuse are under the age of 4. Sadly, children who become victims of abuse are almost always vulnerable to further abuse.

The younger a child is, the more vulnerable he or she is. Boys and girls under the age of 4 are more likely to be abused by other than older men. Girls are assaulted by other girls and women, including pregnant and parenting women.

Women often abuse children, too. They easily manipulate the feelings of a minor. That is why they often do not acknowledge the seriousness of child abuse and neglect, believing that it is always normal for a woman to be abused.

The perception of a child as a “model” is often narrowed to the appearance of a girl as a “working” woman, despite the fact that it is not true. The perception of a man as a “model” allows him to prioritize the fulfillment of his desires, to take the victim’s position under the influence of an unconscious sense of guilt.

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Violence is a form of social interaction of individuals, which has a social context. However, it has a clearly expressed character. There is nothing inherently violent in social relations with minors.

There is a stereotype that the offender is a “lagging” child. If a woman can’t behave like a man, her husband or wife is the first to blame. However, in fact, it is not true. Every gender has the potential of abusing a child, both adult and child, provided that they are willing to take up such position.

The reasons for child abuse to describe in research paper on domestic violence

The evaluation of psychological and social aspects of domestic violence is aimed at the assessment of the victim as a whole, the explanation of the reasons that allow to impose the problem on the child, the trends of the child abuse in the family and the dangers of child labour, and the reasons why it is important to reduce child labour and child labour, and the causes and consequences of violence against the child.

There are the following criteria of analysis:

  • awareness of the victim’s injury and others around him;
  • sufficient knowledge of the regional and personal characteristics of the child;
  • a clear response to the questions asked at the interview.
  • If you want to write a comprehensive research paper on child labour, it is better to start with this section. Here you should specify the level of professional awareness of the victim, the levels of understanding of his or her rights, and performance of other legal actions.

    Sociological analysis of culture in the family

    In the family, the exact same forces act as the social groups that any other social institution performs: the function of the economy, the division of labor between producers and consumers, the exchange of resources, the demand for more resources. Thus, the change in the level of the family is manifested, in the terms of positions and opportunities in the social structure of the family.

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    The modernization of the family is associated with the process of social mobility, rising the class of the lowest strata of society. There is a tendency of social mobility, which in turn has become a tendency of social upward movement of the least secure elements of the population, including children, women and men.

    There are changes in the family way of life, attitudes and values in society. The modernization of the family is associated with the transformations of the attitude of society, the replacement of the traditional family with some aspects of the modern family (ie, the upbringing of children and the management of a common economy were made possible by the new active participation of the poor layers of the population in the distribution of incomes and social benefits).

    Thus, the transformation of the family, one of the main social institutions, is the most significant practical experiment in the sphere of research of family values. In recent years, in the sphere of economic relations, especially in the sphere of economic activity, the family plays a great role as a social institution.

    The second stage of the family’s development has been the transformation of the attitude of society towards the creation of wealth, the increased demand for it as a socio-cultural value. The transformation of the function of the family begins exactly from the changes in the value system of the individual and the tension of social relations.