How to write an essay on child abuse

How to write an essay on child abuse

Child abuse was once considered as a social problem, but, recently, it’s getting more wide. The reason for this is the development of technology which allows to record, transmit and disseminate information. To make a knowledge spread, a system should be stable and trustworthy. The following aspects of this system exist:

  • knowledge which should be reliably verified;
  • unjustification of any information;
  • access to the most reliable sources on the topic;
  • analysis of the literature of the issue;
  • facing the problem of the lack of comprehensive information on the topic;
  • the lack of consistency, poor quality of argumentation, etc.
  • The problem of child abuse in the family can be understood as the exclusion of a layer of knowledge about the phenomenon, the lack of clarity in the thought of the author. Infantile ideological program includes the manipulation of the family as one of the basic institutions. The issue of child abuse in the family is acute because the number of cases of coercion increased in recent years. According to sociologists, there are many different types of relations between spouses equal or familial, and they often do not allow each other to breathe, even though this phenomenon underlies the influence of many factors: cultural, social, psychological, economic, as well as many more. So, in general, there are many types of relations between spouses. But all of them can be recognized as ending in the overall structure of family relations: husband – wife, parents – children, spouses – relatives, children – grandparents.

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    Do not think that the family is a “shelter” for a person. The analogy is often applied: a person is free from external influence. So, there is a normal familial situation and a familial system of which each partner is an independent element. Obviously, the transformation of the function of the family is accompanied by a transformation of the basic attitudes of the spouses: the attitude towards each other changes and, in some cases, even irrelevance (the importance of personal, intimate communication).

    In the context of familial violence, the importance of personal, intimate communication is overstated. The second marriage is aimed at creating a family as a mother, father and child or children. Such combination generates a unique opportunity for the personality of each partner.

    There is a logic of sexual discrimination in the family: the essential attributes and functions of the marriage constitute a hierarchical system of family values. Hierarchy is preserved regardless of the level of the development of the individual. In any case, the hierarchy of family values is invariably maintained.

    There is a multiple marriage system in which different relationships between husband and wife, children and parents arise. The basic values of these marriages are indicated in the consciousness of the partners: parental responsibilities, shared responsibility, spiritual interests, personal aspirations, love, etc.

    Compared to traditional marriage, the family acts as a social institution in the family. It is the most important form of marriage. The concept of “family” is embedded in the system of values. The family acts as a cultural and institutional environment for the manifestation of the personality in the environment of relations between the sexes and generations. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the gene is transferred. The knowledge and attitudes of parents towards children become obsolete. Social roles are determined for the upbringing of the child.

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    The problem of child marriage arises specifically in the context of the emergence of a new family as a ruling elite of society. The modern family (a mix of family and marriage) is a unique phenomenon. The problem of child marriages arises within the framework of the rapid growth of the third world. The land dropout has become so significant that the world is divided into halves.

    Review of the family for essays on family values

    Scientists often consider the family as a “shelter” for a person. The metaphor is strong, bright, and full of emotions. So, unlike any other “nature”, the family is directly and completely real, does not lie. It is the most important social institution, inside which all the biological processes of the universe are occurring.

    The family acts as a cultural community – a group of people which is connected by a certain unity of life priorities, ideas, relationships between parents and children, parents and children, husband and wife. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the niches are preserved.

    As a cultural community, the family is a kind of society, which is represented by a system of values and moral norms, patterns of behavior, attitudes and beliefs of people. Since the main value is the reproduction of the genus, thus, the importance of sexual relations as a social institution is directly related to the high fertility rate which is also characteristic of the population.

    Since the demographic nature of the family is usually attributed to the high mortality of the population, many researchers consider the family as an important cultural institution.