How to write an essay on child abuse?

How to write an essay on child abuse?

State the problem of child abuse and neglect. It should be acknowledged that there are special conditions in modern society. But they definitely exist.

The number of kids abusing their parents has increased. According to the social research, there were cases of unconditional depression of boys and girls after a year of hard violence (this indicator is very close to the indicator of the level of depression. In boys’ brains are dominated by pessimism and indifference towards the world, which, however, were expressed only in the collective psyche of the individuals. The expression “I want to” was introduced in the vocabulary. The psychological basis of the attitude towards the world was fundamentally changed.

In the framework of the personality, the world ceases to be relevant. The subtext of the language of the person is not only one of the registers of moral categories, but also a whole system of concepts about the world. Language is a kind of means of access of the individual to the outside world, the interchangeability of images, relations between people.

Probably, you have noticed that a lot of associations are inherent to bad and violent relationships. There is a connect between the sense of anger and the aggressiveness of parents towards children. The reason for the lack of desire to control the child is the lack of experience related to the problem.

The art of interacting with the surrounding reality, individual life is dependent on them. Therefore, the personality develops resistance to the external control.

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To increase the self-esteem of a person, he must have a good relationship with others.

Parents, as the best way to influence the behavior of their child, should be responsible for the child’s progress and increase self-esteem. If, in addition, the role of parents is to promote the social adaptation of the child, help him overcome difficulties, and alleviate suffering, then, in order to prove yourself to be a good parent, you must show yourself from the best side.

So, showing interest in the child, a person counts on the creation of a close community of friends. Such a policy helps to enjoy the exciting life of a teenager, raises his mood.

Of course, not all parents are ideal. But if you want to change the world for the better, to create a society worthy of praise, consider having a habit of giving credit. It is not a secret that a certain way of thinking and a certain type of behavior is dominant in the process of communication. Even in the first love, he is thinking about the possible use of the others, seeking to dominate them, as though possessing them, without an external control.

If, in the system of interpersonal relations, such tendencies as selfishness and the desire for financial independence were dominant, it is important to note in qualities of strong friendship essay that partners believe in equal distribution of rewards (even if it implies inequality). The ratio of rewards is not just a way to earn, but a truth. If men and women are able to perceive their interests independently, then, in general, the socialistic/essentialist model of personality develops. In accordance with it, individuals are inclined to take the victim’s position under the influence of an objective reality.

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It may be stated in the essay on social roles and relationships that, in the collective sphere, selfishness and the desire for financial independence were diametric qualities. You may note in essay on inequality between men and women that, for men, the dominant role is often determined by gender.

The psychology of friendship, which emerged in the late XIX century, as well as other human sciences, initially (and until the middle of the 20th century) considered questions of a general nature: how interpersonal relationships are formed and maintained. However, the interpretation of the concept of friendship in the XIX century was quite different.

Researchers of this period collected great empirical material illustrating how different people (mostly children and adolescents) understand friendship and choose friends. But the interpretation of the data mostly did not go beyond the framework of the ideas of ordinary consciousness and did not link with any special psychological theories.

The psychodynamic theory of attraction is recognized as the most common among the other familiar psychological theories. The idea of friendship as a “passive” object was rejected by researchers because it was not “focused on” by psychologists.

The notion of friendship as a “focused” object was given in the psychodynamic theory of attraction. A person is attracted by the other person as if he were a mirror on which the individual projects his own unconscious traits or ideas. Although, the unconsciousness of friendship is also associated with the unconscious need for the overall allocation of rewards (for example, as a result of the interaction with another person).

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The unconscious need for rewards was found in the first depths of the unconscious desire for the meaning of life, in the unconscious hope for good to remain unchanged, and the desire for unfair treatment was characteristic of the hatred of the world.