How to write an essay on child abuse

How to write an essay on child abuse

Child abuse was declared in the modern world in the first half of the 20th century. The Era of Success, which began with the American Revolution, was infused with a powerful force of social change. The economy of mass social change caused a rapid release of molestive energy.

As a result, right before the emergence of the middle class, there were no special social groups, and the class structure of the United States in the first half of the 20th century was rather weak. But this model for the United States of America is very close to the ideal created by the American Dream, America is a society of average people. The uneven economic development of the country, the cheapness and the demand for labour, the cheapness and the demand for favourable conditions, given the low quality of education, low wages, the absence of social insurance and social assistance.

On the one hand, improvements in the material situation and the increase in the number of middle class were observed. But on the other hand, the middle class was divided into two main economically and socially active layers. The economic and social activity of the middle class is connected with the activity of the masses in social institutions, with the activity of the mass in political formations, and above all, with the impact of social capitalism.

In the period of economic growth, the middle class advanced technological progress. The point of convergence of the middle class with the lower class was the revolution in the value system of the United States. In technical, industrial, scientific, and cultural sphere, the middle class represents the agglomeration of workers.

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In the period of social development, the middle class is very responsive to the changes in the social sphere: the middle class responds to the changes in the value system. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that, in the modern, middle class is a “starvation ration”. There is no reason to expect that the share of the middle class in the population will gradually decline. In the short-term perspective, the middle class is not able to work consistently, and only partly, but mainly for social and economic development.

There is a suggestion that, in the future, the lower and middle classes will be able to compete on the wages of certain workers. However, in the deeper analysis of the situation, this hypothesis seems completely refuted. If the wages of the middle class are 10-20% higher than the incomes of the lowest class, then the wages of the middle class are also 20-30% higher. In other words, the middle class is “forced” to compete on the terms of wages, but it is also not able to exist without the services of the state social sphere, which, in turn, is the basis of the state economy.

Wages and pensions are components of the basic social categories, and, respectively, are paid by a broad stratum of taxpayers. The structure of pensions is changing in different countries of the world. The basic principle is usually the following: the labor receipts should be supported by the funds spent on education, health, and social protection.

In the Soviet Union, the middle class made a significant contribution to the economic success of the country. The total income of the population, above all, the incomes of the upper stratum. In the peasant, agricultural class, the balance of wages was more difficult. The rural poor would not have enough money to buy agricultural products. But the urban poor would have an opportunity to sell their produce under the threat of revenge from the police and sheriff.

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Share of personal wealth is characteristic of all classes of society. In the Soviet Union, the upper and middle classes represent the aggregated interests of the population. In the United States, the question of the distribution of personal wealth is, in fact, the most important social issue. Therefore, it is often called a “social inequality” or “class inequality”. It means the possession of property, opportunities, and rights which are different for different classes.

The process of property differentiation is closely related to the evolution that the middle class goes through now. The process of economic growth is reinforced by the multi-level approach to acquiring and maintaining wealth, the willingness of the middle class to sell its freedom for the gained gains.

In form of the distribution of wealth, the labor force is a set of values very different from the creation of the individual. Working independently, accepting the social role, the worker retains the values of the group, captures the values of each separate individual. These different values allow him to distinguish between the most important and the least important. To make a qualitative and analytical essay, the worker’s attitude to property inequality is expressed in the following way: the least important value for the individual is the position of the employer.