How to write an essay on child abuse

How to write an essay on child abuse

Child abuse exists on all socioeconomical and cultural levels. It is a conscious and systematic attempt of a minor for the exploitation of another person by the same when he is in the victim’s position. This form of behavior is a repetitive cycle with increasing frequency. The process is repeated several times. The victim is raped each time. The cycle continues. A graphic representation of the life of a victim is drawn up. The causes of this problem is multifaceted. In order to deal with this problem, it is necessary to change the nature of interpersonal interaction, thereby provoking a response. There is a reason to assume that interpersonal violence is associated with the environment from which the act is performed.

The topic of the paper is domestic violence against children. This is one of the eternal problems of mankind. The personality of the child is formed and develops under the influence of the surrounding reality. So, we can say with certainty that in the system of child abuse, there is no place for the normal development of the child, his personality is ready to take the first step. At this age, according to social standards, a person should know how to use the language of his race, know the words to express his feelings.

The existence of racism in the United States, a country of great opportunities in the field of youth, does not exempt from the impact of child abuse. The problem is so enormous that it borders on the area of individual liberty. The problem does not simply exist within the framework of any ethical norms, but within the framework of the social values of the United States.

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The scale of the problem of child abuse in the United States is several times higher than the level of the world community as a whole. The energies of human activity are used and expended in the struggle for the total domination of the world population, for example, the entire system of child labour, gender subordination of women, the exploitation of children, child labour, prostitution, and warfare.

There is a tremendous number of forms of expression of which is widespread in the United States: public resentment, the feeling of isolation, discrimination, a general feeling of alienation, more and more attempts of suicide. Although the officially sanctioned line of child labour does not officially exist, this idea is quite real. So, you may note the positive changes between past and present in a “relationship between parents and children” essay.

Positive side of child labour

The phenomenon may be recognized as negative only if it harms a person’s mental state. Not all forms of adolescent labour can be called exploitation. So it’s worth not considering the teenage work too skeptically. You could write about the reverse side of this issue in the negative effects of child labour essay.

The significance of work in the development of the personality is universally recognized. Engagement of a child in collective labour contributes to the assimilation in social relations, their transition from external to internal level. This occurs under the influence of prevailing norms of behavior, public opinion, organization of mutual assistance and such socio-psychological phenomena as intra-group suggestibility, competition.

An important effect is the formation of responsibility for the results of collective work. The teenager opens up a whole world of new emotions, the beauty of nature, the sounds of music, the sensation of own body. But together with the awareness of own uniqueness, originality, dissimilarity in comparison with others, there comes a sense of loneliness, a feeling of inner emptiness that must be filled with something.

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Transforming the object of labour, creating socially valuable products, a person transforms himself. In order to use the developing opportunities of work fuller, he must be supplemented with the activities of the elders: education and upbringing. Considering the peculiarities of a child labour for a research paper, you may note that the activity of the educator is an important condition for the progress of the teenage psyche.

In all kinds of work, such a useful personal trait as practicality is formed. Stimulating it, a person succeeds performing the labour and domestic duties. Children, as shown by psychological research, poorly known in the collective labour, often possess this quality.

In labour, there are very few problems which do not allow to escalate the situation. These are the causes of the lack of desire to transform the surrounding reality for the sake of achieving economic goals. Common problems are merely considered as the task, and the solution is the same in principle, whether it’s a mental, physical or social problem.

A lot of facts showing that labour does not contribute to a mental or physical health, the disconnection of the mind from the results of labour, the lack of desired satisfaction in the process of labour, the lack of knowledge and skills distinguish this method of creating the best country in the world. In order to solve this problem, it is first of all necessary to understand the value of work, which makes all other aspects of our life possible.