How to write an essay on child abuse

How to write an essay on child abuse

The essay is one of the primary academic assignments. It is written year after year at the examinations, and new generations of graduates also will write it. Before you start working on own paper, read the information below. We tried to make essay prompts about child abuse as useful and practical as possible.

What is a child abuse essay?

It is necessary to consider a problem in society and give examples of different kinds of it. The article below will be useful for both students and people who are just looking for some facts on the matter. So, let’s start with the definition.

The concept “child abuse” is a general concept, formed according to the law of association between human beings, applied in practice in accordance with the purpose of providing families and children with material well-being. Activities include sex, cruelty, coercion of children to sexual services, forced sexual intercourse after beatings, sex as a means of humiliation and insult.

It is a negative example of behaviour of any kind, whether it is friendship, father-daughter or marriage. When a person does not fully understand the terms which refer to the phenomenon, he may consider it in a natural state. Such state includes the absence of any social roles, high conflict personality and significant parts of the personality.

Definition of the concept ’family’

To prove the importance of your work, you can state in the family definition essay that the family is a legally approved and traditionally oriented system of relationships, a complex and diverse system of family values, in which different kinds and forms of family exist:

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  • Traditional family. It is the most common form of family organization based on a group of people having a common mode of life and mutual responsibility. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the dynasties are preserved. Modern researchers identify the following types of families: the upper class and the middle class (the upper stratum and the elite).
  • Dependent family. The second category is formed by the actions of parents and children, as a rule, over the children’s education. It is characterized by the sacrifice of children, the desire for the adoption of children by non-traditional families, and the effect of social exclusion on the quality of family relationships.
  • In the third category, the relationships between parents and children are carried out on the basis of mutual responsibility and trust. The main values of this type are respect for the child, attention to his status, self-esteem and loyalty. According to the internal sources, self-esteem is the high assessment of the individual’s abilities and the perception of own personality.
  • It is noteworthy that the value of the concept ‘family’ may vary in different age groups. The need for knowledge of the value of family is characteristic for adolescence.

    The need for communication with a family member, shared frustrations and desires, emotional warmth and contact with the surrounding world are significant factors that push teenagers to seek help in the family. But the search for a partner and the expectation of openness extend not only into the teenage years but also into the adult years.

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    The results of the study of adolescent sexuality are quite consistent: the desire for close communication with a friend and the ability to share own life experience increase in adolescence. Communicative with a close friend, similar to the search for a partner, results in increased self-esteem and self-confidence, and this is associated with a greater desire for satisfying needs. The search for a partner also tends to expand the self-esteem of a teenager, increases his self-esteem and self-confidence, makes him more receptive to psycho-physiological processes. The search for a partner also involves seeking ways to satisfy his needs.

    In our daily lives, there are many candidates for relationships. Each of them has certain advantages and disadvantages.

    Much is the difference between love and simple comradely communication. After all, the one composed with another feels much better than the ideal partner. Besides, these factors do not always correspond to the viewpoints of the spouses. If one of the spouses has depression, it is easily available for the other.

    A theory about social roles in friendship is built on the example of the primary social function, the psychological need for recognition and self-disclosure which is triggered by the need for recognition in the eyes of the group, for example, by extension of the relationship “I – others” which unites individuals from different social groups, allows to meet the daily needs of individuals on a common day.

    Various motives, tasks, interests, relationships of individuals are leading to the manifestation of group partnership motivations which are often quite different, and this leads to the emergence of quite interesting behavioral phenomena. For example, the desire for a partner, which is formed in the course of the interaction, may have different values and perceptions of the relationship. In the system of equality, such motivations for intimate relationships are: time for fun, sports, interesting hobbies, socializing, etc.