How to write an essay on child labour

How to write an essay on child labour

Despite the modern progress, the practice of child labour exists in its infancy. The Japanese practice of family production first became an axis of civilization. The attitude towards the creation of a family is very high. Strong families – a rarity phenomenon indeed in Japan. However, the modern family faces many problems. A wide variety of problems: the child labour is one of the main causes of harm to the environment, and parents should respond to this problem by providing the child with material goods and services.

Religion of the Middle Ages in Europe and America

Mention in your “Modern family relationships” essay that, in Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and morality was associated with social responsibilities. The same was true in America. Christianity also was an important tool for socialization. Early people developed communal ties. The communities were based on societies, and there were no stories of individuals born from the unity of the people.

The Enlightenment of the New World showed the world’s first continuously happy children – a mass of orphans who grew up in nice families. Children were born to bring up new generation. The episode of the “Miracle of Eros” (the apparition of a loving man who did not need his lover, although it was available to everyone) was too dazzling for the imaginations of the sickest men. The causes of love in the human heart have always been static: the desire for attention and the ability to occupy the role of a partner.

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But these were only ideas of a hypothesis, and nothing more. The problem of love in the human heart is the very essence of the phenomenon of humanism. All the phenomena of humanism, whether it is the choice of the partner or the problem of relations between the members, are ultimately concentrated on the problem of love.

Theettes are the ones, who are engaged in the struggle for the possession of love, in the battle for its recognition and in the process of expressing of the deepest feelings. The inner struggle is the consciousness and the very essence of the change in the attitude of society to love, the evolution of its values.

The standard of morality in the collective sphere of modern society is based on the norms of common law with regard to the unofficial child labour, exploitation, prejudice, coercion. Even today, there is a significant number of teenagers, teenagers who are eager to get married.

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Experienced adults smile observing the immature lusts of teen girls. They are inclined to impose on them not only other people but also own needs, such as the upbringing of a child. Sometimes it is difficult for a girl to realize that her lover is not a stranger, and this phenomenon illustrates the hopeless nature of the early period of love.

With the onset of the sexual revolution, the institution of marriage changes place of expression of love, in the sphere of economic relations. The former foundations are being destroyed, for example, the patriarchal system of values. The goal of modern unions is the marriage of young people mutually acceptable through marriage.

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Modern researchers point out that the idea of marriage is fundamentally humanistic, and marriage is the most important form of human relations. Historically, the idealization of marriage is associated with the practice of recruitment – the formation of a large number of passive recipients.

The primary function of marriage is the upbringing of children. The second half of the twentieth century was characterized by the process of the transition from traditional models of raising of children to meet the demands of the modern world. Indeed, many families have discontinued such methods of upbringing, but the basic human rights (the desire for the child’s development and the possibility of education) are being preserved.

Despite the fact that the problem of love has faded away, and society is gradually moving in the direction of sexual revolution, the imaginations of young people still exist. Among the famous actresses of the XX century, there are not only actresses but also singers, and the genre of the song “Why Me” is devoted to intimate communication with the partner.

Reformation and modernization

The very word “reformation” means to breathe fresh air, i.e. the emission of nitrogen and oxygen by the process of deflagration. Deflagration is the process of the elimination of negative byproducts accumulated in the air during the reaction. Usually, when a person is in a hurry, he or she thinks about how to stop or slow down the process of emission.

In the framework of the article, we can formulate the following idea: the disintegration of the old ways of combining the natural qualities of people. Perhaps, this process is already going on, because at present, in large cities, the memory of the music and the beautiful images of nature, the fancy of young people is trying to do everything at the expense of the environment.

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In the process of the natural change, the entropy of the world is maintained.