How to write an essay on child labour

How to write an essay on child labour

It’s worth noting in a how to stop child labour essay that, addressing this problem, governments should not limit their efforts (and many follow this rule) with regard to the application of protective articles of legislation and their commensurate toughening. To reach this goal, a properly planned and organized system of additional urgent, medium-term and long-term measures is needed, depending on the severity and significance of the problem in the country context.

The whole complex of problems associated with the use of child labour can be resolved only on the basis of concerted actions taken by the whole society and aimed at prevention of further exploitation, liberation of kids from heavy and dangerous work, providing alternative sources of income for them and their families.

Preventive measures to combat child labour are least expensive. In many cases, their results are noticed not immediately, which makes them less attractive from the political point of view. In order not to be limited to only only only only only only treatment of children, but also to include other sources of income, measures to protect employed kids, their education, health and social protection, raising public awareness and social mobilization, the application of protective legislation and social services.

Given the fact that many countries do not have the appropriate infrastructure and resources to implement large-scale programs to eradicate child labour and provide the parents with higher wages, the following strategy may be proposed in a “Say NO to child labour” essay: it is first necessary to eradicate the worst forms of child labour and then move on to a phased implementation of the national program for the complete abolition of the problem.

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At the first stage, it is recommended to free the children from performing heavy and dangerous duties, to protect employed kids. Public attitudes related to this phenomenon should change – from the inevitability of using child labour (as the destiny of the poor) to the readiness to fight it. However, temporary measures to protect working children should be supported by specific actions aimed at exempting them from performing hazardous work.

  • Although more and more countries agree with the need to completely prohibit the use of child labour (and many follow this rule), rapid changes can’t be expected, since this problem is rooted in the socio-cultural and economic structures of society. The attitude to it should be changed. It applies to directly affected persons (children, parents and employers) and society as a whole.

    Political reforms and programs related to such areas as legislation, education, labour market management, social protection, health care, social assistance and social development may be described as main ways out in a child labour essay for college students. Reforming these spheres leads to changes in the social order. The implementation of political reforms should be carried out simultaneously with the work aimed at changing the attitude of society to issues related to the struggle to prohibit child labour, because these areas are interrelated.

    The growth of public awareness and social mobilization lead to a change in the perception of the problem of child labour, which, in turn, provokes changes in policy on these issues. Among these directions, the struggle against child labour can be described.

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    The movement for the rights of the working child is a natural extension of the activities of the Black, Caucasian, Asian, and Latin groups, which attained unprecedented levels in the last 30 years.

    You may mention in the essay on social work with children that, in 1996, the practice of collective labour was legalized in the United States. The business community complained about the level of the exploitation of children (about 12 million children) and the lack of freedom of choice in this way. The practice of crowding was particularly harsh. According to sociologists, there were almost 650,000 people crammed into the cities. About 20 thousand of them were children, and a half a million of them were children. Mostly they were from poor families.

    The problem of child labour in the textile industry is well-known. There is a vicious cycle which may be described in essays on child labour: the labour is used to satisfy the needs of the employer (usually, production), often is not received by the middle class. The middle class becomes impoverished, loses its economic value, and the values of its members decrease.

    Labour is provided by the population, which, in turn, is the value of the work performed. The situation of the labourer is dependent on the level of the development of the economy. Therefore, the changes in the value of labour are observed. So, according to Marx, the proletariat acquires a position of the middle class in the process of its development.

    In the process of abundance of labour, the social division of labor is maintained. Steady, steady income growth is achieved. Part of the population accepts this type of income, and this increases its position in the social hierarchy, in the formation of a common culture.