How to write an essay on economic inequality

How to write an essay on economic inequality

First of all, you have to understand the basics of the economic inequality essay. Created by the Marx’s Works, it is a short form of communism – the reproduction of the population as one of the social functions of the economy.

In the Works, Engels and Fourier reflected the fact that, in the process of reproducing, the social class actually reproduces its historical material wealth only if economic inequality does not exceed a certain unity of social traits. Akin to Engels and Fourier, the bourgeoisie used their authority to establish social order. In France, the exact concept of social order was presented in the following concept: socially useful, economically endowed, socially powerful status.

To some extent, back to Engels and Fourier, the bourgeoisie used the culture of the person as its principle of social control. Once, the peasant was able to provide the family with income supplements. The industrialist was able to achieve a certain position only if he was able to make deals with the peasants. The urban elite represented the economic power in the building of society. In Europe, the idea of social order was more lofty. higher, more popular. It was called, in Europe, the social contract between rulers and the governed people.

But these were only some of the many aspects of the concept of social order in Europe. So, the topic of the inequalities in the United States essay would be wider and more interesting if such anomalies were created in the whole country.

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Actually, the whole country is involved in the problem of the relationship between the population and the land fund. The rule of the landowners is the power of the community over the rights of the commons. In Europe, the plot of the peasant’s struggle for survival was determined by the strengths of the state, by the desires of the people. The situation with the population was worse: there were almost no opportunities for entry into the market, for entry into business and, especially, for entry into social service.

So, the whole goal of the post-revolutionary development was the establishment of free competition the ideal pattern of which was followed by the practice of creative pouring of soil, new eugenics, the favorite target. In America, there was a new order in the works of entrepreneurs: the land fund acquired a role of the national economy. The first stages of the new life were dominated by the instinct of conquest, which, however, were carried out not so much as the instinct of conquest was. The sale of land was the only way to obtain wealth. The peasant was a “competitive” in the sense of the word. In Europe, the ideal of competition was rooted in the position of the individual, the desire for wealth, the opportunity to own the surrounding space.

Increasing the importance of the natural law principle, the social role of the person was elevated. The ruler became a kind of national leader. The whole nation was involved in the struggle for it.

State and society role

The following aspects of the American Dream essay are related to the history of the project of American democracy and the role of the individual in it: social, political and economic.

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Socialists note in “The American Dream and its social acceptability” essay that the American Dream is the highest value in the scheme of civil society. In the minds of the participants, it meant and means equality of opportunities. It means and means the end of unequal competition, the elimination of social and personal differences between the citizens, the broadening of the benefits of the social and economic activity of the economy. In other words, it’s and means equal distribution of opportunities.

But the main thing that the American Dream doesn’t mean equality of opportunities. In the era of capitalism, the dream of equality of opportunities was the foundation for a new form of equality of results. In the era of the dominant of the individual, everything changed. The result of the elimination of social differences was the increase in the number of highly paid middle class.

The main social movements occur both within the middle class and with participation of other elements of the social structure. Free channels of upward vertical mobility, clear prospects for social growth based on education and high qualifications should ensure a sufficient level of welfare for the middle class.

It also should be noted in essays on social inequality that, in addition to the stabilizing of the middle class, there were other positive trends in the social sphere: in the countryside, the share of income from property is higher, and the share of social benefits is lower. In the urban sector, the lower class consisted of more than half of the beneficiaries of the entire population (1.5 million) and half of the top of the urban earners (900 million) were newly formed. The concentration of the middle class in the cities was lower than in the countryside.

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