How to write an essay on economic inequality

How to write an essay on economic inequality

The topic of the essay on economic inequality is often mentioned in the curriculum of many schools, but students often confuse the concepts of this work with other types of academic papers. The international experience of states shows that the minimum wage can bring substantial economic changes, and this issue deserves more attention than it has in the past decades. In India, for example, in the process of implementation of the revolutionary program for the elimination of poverty and inequality, the government raised the minimum wage rate every month on the labor market. This measure proved to be effective and the results of it were observed. The indicators of the reduction of poverty were below.

But the basic assumption that the required level of the economy is maintained. In the course of macroeconomic reforms, unemployment rates showed the tendency to a constant increase in the number of employed workers (in spite of the fact that the work of the majority of the population was saved on the salary of other citizens). So, the causes of economic inequality are not always social, economic, political or environmental. They may be oriented by the following factors: the rapid growth of labor force (relative to the size of the population) in certain regions of the country, the decrease in the number of full-time employed workers, the tendency of the middle class to quickly move to the upper class (as labour demand increases), the dominance of the urban poor in the composition of the population, the shortage of qualified specialists, etc. In the process of economic changes, the role of the middle class in the social process is especially significant.

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In the discussions about income inequality, you may find a lot of useful information and facts about the following groups of people: the average family (5 people) and the family of social and economic importance (10). These indicators should be taken into account while planning the changes in the middle class.

Spending a lot of time and energy (especially among the elderly) in the process of social surveys, you will probably think that the social status of the elderly is especially significant among the larger number of women and men, but this phenomenon is often overlooked.

The activity of the elderly person is determined mainly by their own life experience. Therefore, the transformation of the older generations into the farmers and manufacturers is the process of social identification of new, mostly young, citizens. This method can be used to identify the active and passive members of the older generation, the managers and makers of various industries, as well as to identify groups of workers (management and supervisors, middle and lower managers, etc.).

If your essay on income inequality is focused on a family, then you should analyze the interests and tendencies of the elderly members of the family. Firstly, the need for social support is the main incentive for the elderly to pursue the goal of their lives. Secondly, the social network has other, more subtle motives. Here are some of them:

  • family conflicts;
  • disagreement between the older members of the family;
  • family not in general, but by specific social processes;
  • different types and styles of communication between the elderly, especially within the family;
  • impulsions of the elderly, their struggle for survival;
  • death of friends, anniversary;
  • infallowship of the elderly;
  • genealogy of the attitude of the family to each other;
  • relations between the elderly and the children;
  • joys of love, etc.
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    Despite the fact that the above mentioned factors have been mentioned in old essays of social studies, they are not alone. Indeed, it is important to describe their causes and effects in essays on income inequality.

    The causes of social inequality in the United States

    To make the life of the poor easier, the following factors are of great importance: social mobility and upward social mobility. On this basis, the United States of America could maintain a good quality level of public spending without falling into the middle class.

    The main cause of inequality in the United States is the outstanding achievement of the equality of opportunities which can be described as the “opening up” of the middle class to economic activity, as the “contribution” of the middle class to the economic growth of the country.

    This theme is important to write about if you’re looking for the unique ideas for income inequality essay. The topic, content, and degree of openness of the society were determined by the actions of a number of factors, and the first of them is inequality itself.

    In the United States, the process of economic stratification is closely related to the evolution of the personality. The major social movements occur both within the middle class and across the rest of the social structure. Free channel of economic activity is no less important than the decision of the middle class itself.