How to write an essay on gender inequality?

How to write an essay on gender inequality?

It is first necessary to analyze the social position of women in the society. Along with stereotype rhetoric, sexism refers to the behaviour of a man as a woman. It is his authority in the society. Unlike the arrogance of a man, it is based on a sensible and reasonable attitude towards other people, their behaviour and deeds. Gender stereotypes are the first and most important form of approval of the societal norms on gender roles in the modern society.

Degender stereotypes are also based on the hierarchy of moral judgments about the qualities of the person. The main category of this category is the so-called external masculinity. The concept of masculinity includes qualities related to the sphere of human relations, such as aggressiveness, nationalism, manliness, clarity of action, enterprise, family, moral purity, righteousness, compassion, ability to get along with different people. A person of this category should be considered in a positive way in relation to other people.

As for women in society, they also should be considered along with men in order to determine what it is expected of them. In everyday life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, when a husband loses his job and is forced to exist at the expense of wife for some time.

Male dominance is determined by other factors: social status, economic, political and cultural. It manifests itself in the attitudes, attitudes, patterns of behaviour, increased competitiveness of male candidates for leading positions in enterprises, social spheres, marriage. All these are used in the sex segregation in society essay.

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Throughout the life of society, male groups are exposed to increased scrutiny and discrimination, are often objectified, especially, by negative consequences of economic, social and spiritual upheavals. You may describe the results of a study in a sexuality and gender roles essay.

The process of puberty (the menstruation period) comes within the field of exploration. It is closely connected with the evolution of the concept of masculinity as a man. The formation of masculinity is accelerated by a change in the level of female reproductive capabilities, especially among wives, whose availability of reproductive hormones is crucial for the male attractiveness in reproductive activity.

Classification of the ideal kind of family (as a rule, capitalist) does not take into account the specific characteristics of a man and woman. The inequality of roles is accompanied by the inequality of attitudes between the sexes and the inability of both women and men to take the role of the dominant role.

There is a stereotype that the marriage is a “unique” expression of the personality of a man and a woman even in the case of its institutionalization (in most cases, social roles are assumed to be empowering and moralizing). marriage is often regarded as giving men the unconditional right to have own offsprings.

The second half of the twentieth century, as it seems today for many people, have passed under the spell of the American Dream. The leading role of the spouse in the social identity of the individual is no less important than the role of the individual in the social identity of the group. In the period of marriage, the role of the wife is much more significant than the role of the individual. Among the first marriages in the age of twenty one, the wife is usually presented as the emotional and caring partner.

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Marriage has undergone a number of significant transformations: divorces, child marriages, single-parent families, families with children, etc. The psychological consequences of this transformation are indicated in the psychological aspects of relationships between spouses after the marriage.

In the modern form, the marriage is a institution by social standards. The traditional family (that is, a conjugal union formed and maintained by a group of people) is relatively stable in its social and psychological characteristics. Moreover, the modern family (a social institution formed and maintained by one or more individuals) essentially differs from the traditional one, having free time and a large number of contacts.

Any type of marriage corresponds to the requirements of at least the basic physiological needs of a human organism. However, the number of people who can legally marry, the level of medical and psychological progress, and relationship with the environment are different.

Information for social work with underage children

If you write a short essay on family relationships, classify the following factors as the ones that influence the perceptions of young spouses:

  • involvement in the family (adult children, parents and others);
  • being unable to meet the daily needs of the spouse: due to illness, old age, etc.;
  • interaction with the surrounding reality, the formation of a social role;
  • development of communication skills;
  • diligence, initiative, responsibility, creativity, etc.
  • The second change in the marriage is the transition from the family as a mother, to the marriage as a young spouse.