How to write an essay on global terrorism

How to write an essay on global terrorism

The phenomenon of terrorism is a global issue which often attracts the attention of the world community. That is why writing an essay on terrorism is quite a tricky task. The thing is that terrorism is a heterogeneous phenomenon, which causes various motives for committing crimes of terrorism. It is not just considered to be a national or regional phenomenon. In addition to territorial, religious, and political motives, some sources of terrorism are associated with the grievances of such groups. The cause of terrorism is also not always established, and may be associated with socio-economic, demographic, and economic factors, which you should describe in your reasons and causes essay.

So, you should be ready to study all types of terrorism and understand each of them in detail. It is especially important to distinguish the basic characteristics and functions of each of them.

The concept of terrorism is a untraceable phenomenon. It is not a part of the political or economic categories of society but, in fact, is the most important invention of human civilization, which has an impact on society in the most diverse areas.

General definition of terrorism

There are many definitions of terrorism, which you can list in a short speech on terrorism. But all these definitions are suitable to a specific context of study, in which they are overvalued. Let’s consider a few more examples.

  • Science and society of terrorism. It is a set of phenomena, the essence of which is terrorism.
  • Political terrorism. It is the most basic form of terrorism, which is met in all social fields. It can be called global terrorism if it causes the aggression of authorities, and members of minority groups have become a reliable counterweight to this category.
  • Economic terrorism. It is the use of financial means of reaching personal interests, for example, the ownership of public land or real estate, the plan for agricultural production, etc.
  • Environmental terrorism. The main problem of terrorism is the lack of monitoring activities, which allow to make the following conclusions: in addition to many localities, international terrorism is also associated with large corporations, industrial complexes, and family trusts.
  • Demographic terrorism. The causes of terrorism are the numbers of victims: sedentary and mobile groups. In addition to this, terrorism is characterized by low fertility, short life, wide diversity, international intervention, and the lack of the institutional framework of the movement. That is why, in addition to mainly economic causes, terrorism causes the desire of certain groups of society to identify themselves, for example, the entire population of the US or the entire citizens of the UK.
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    So, you can describe, compare, and propose new ideas about terrorism. A wide knowledge of reasons, relations, and relations between peoples of the world helps to understand and predict the consequences of terrorist attacks. But the main thing that interests all researchers is the thesis statement of terrorism, its ultimate goal.

    How to prevent terrorism essay

    Whether you decided to write a simple essay on terrorism or to more complicated academic assignment, this article will help you to think through the main causes and effects of terrorism, and to explain them in a clear and concise form.

    What to start from?

    The most obvious thing that you can do if the essay is not ultimately important for your academic record is to write it as simply as possible. You can try to make it interesting, even if it seems quite dated or even disproved by other scholars. In modern terrorism, there is a lot of information so you have to be careful when selecting the reliable facts.

    If you are going to analyze a rather complex topic, it is also necessary to display some statistical information. There is a lot of effective ways to detect the credibility of the sources: using quotes, engaging in a dialogue, etc. However, in this case, the most important thing to do is to identify the most credible sources.

    What are some of the ways to identify the best sources? The following options are of importance:

  • Indirect sources of information. The most important thing to check when sourcing information is the credibility of the source itself.
  • Reputable sources of information. Trace the news from the source, and you will be surprised by the amount of information that is available to the public.
  • Expert sources. Here you should find the information that will be useful to your topic. The most important thing to note here is the weight of the information. The source is not only the number of words and the number of words plus the number of words per page. We are talking about the page number in the study. The topic of the article might be some complicated by the fact that more and more sources are being added to it, meaning that it is getting harder to find the relevant information.
  • Searching for the new sources. The best way to find the new information is to make a new post in your text.