How to write an essay on illegal immigration.

How to write an essay on illegal immigration.

One of the most professional sources of information on the illegal immigration is the United Nations. Every day the world receives about 100 reports on violations in the country’s borders. The United Nations dispatch special forces and customs inspectors to the countries of border. And the smuggle is one of the most serious crimes.

Most states provide the following services:

  • name changes;
  • border protection and the establishment of additional control over the borders;
  • finding out the illegal authors of the passports of certain categories;
  • proposing the suspension of visas for the illegal entrance of certain groups of the population;
  • sorting out the illegal immigrants from the country to the United States, as well as stopping and removing the unlawful entries in the workforce.
  • The activities of border protection and the use of special forces are regulated by law. In 2002 Congress enacted a PRWORA Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act. Though it prevents public benefits from flowing to undocumented residents the latters are still entitled to immunizations, medical care, disaster relief, and k-12 education. The implementation of this Act, in fact, makes the shift towards personal responsibility over “public dependency” evident. The maximum punishment for the 1st time caught in the violation of migration rules is 6 months imprisonment; each following offense stands for additional 2 years.

    The maximum punishment for the 1st time caught in the violation of migration rules is 6 months imprisonment; each following offense stands for additional 2 years.

    There are special machines that allow to quickly select the unauthorized immigrant and isolate him from the rest of the world. The use of such devices is especially effective in the field of natural disasters and migrant workers whose codes of travel are constantly being violated.

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    The use of cloud technologies increases at the moment. It is possible to track the status of the unauthorized immigrant to the current moment and the occurrences of other illegal actions are monitored. The use of cloud applications increase in both work and residential areas of the US. The unauthorized spouses receive appropriate payments. The illegal children are often supported by children and minors, provided with assistance of English teachers, social workers and lawyers.

    Compiling the illegal immigration research paper you may refer to the opinion of Stephen Leg and Michelle Ortiz, the founders of the Central American Free Society, the Mexican border crossers, the visa overstays, the immigrants, and those who cross the border through the illegal entry. The difference between the rules of lawful and illegal entry is only the degree of exaggeration.

    The following definition of the term “illegal” exists in the literature: it is a set of actions, the violation of which is a crime. Besides, because of the illegal nature of some actions, they cause sizable numbers of unwanted consequences, both in the real and virtual sphere. The influx of undocumented workers is primarily to the lower classes of the US population, but also to the upper classes of foreign workers, the persons, who enter the country illegally, but in the process of crossing the border nonetheless.

    The main reasons for illegal entry exist within the framework of the anti-immigration mood. Short-term economic changes due to the uncontrolled influx of incomers may be considered as the main motive factors underlying the illegal migration tendencies in recent years.

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    Immigration and the rate of crime in the host country.

    When speaking of the influence of immigration, we can say that it has a pronounced impact on the structure of the crime in the country it happens in. Over the long period of work on this topic, the US experienced a rapid increase in the number of unauthorized foreign employees, which is partially justified. The US employers have become willing to pay when it all depends on the ability of the workers to get the desired work.

    However, the flow of unauthorized foreign employees has always been quite linear. And the factors underlying this trend have nothing to do with the opinion of Donald Trump. Indeed, several immigration laws and a little Western European Union can’t completely eradicate criminal activity within the country’s borders.

    Besides, at present, the illegal migration is usually associated with the violation of the moral norms of the country, which leads to among the main benefits of the illegal immigration. These are the violation of the legitimate interests of the citizen, the lack of materials and human rights, the assumption of the government of the illegal status of the majority of the population, the increase in the illegal foreign intruders, their desire for easy access to the material resources, and the overall weakening of the social and legal capabilities of the country.

    Research paper topics on immigration in the USA may touch upon the problem of stopping the illegal migration and illegal entry, both the legal and the illegal ones, themselves. The research offers the following hypothesis: keeping the illegal foreigners in the USA is beneficial to the lower classes of the population, which is mostly comprised by the unauthorized foreigners.