How to write an essay on income inequality

How to write an essay on income inequality

The topic of income inequality is quite popular today. There is a rapid change in the social status of the middle class. In recent years, it has only been growing in the upper class. So, the comprehension of the general processes in the distribution of income is due to modern social processes. The structure of the population is different for different age groups. The demands on working conditions remain at the same level throughout the whole period of the formation of the middle class.

In the process of social mobility, the middle class moves from the bottom to the middle class. As a rule, it consists of two main elements: the labor supply (what the worker receives) and the social status (what the person can enjoy). To date, this element is strongly associated with the professionalism of the individual. Higher social status gives more opportunities for participation in the distribution of national wealth and means the involvement in the distribution of income among the middle class.

In the concept of income inequality, there is no distinction between the middle class and the lower class. There is a relation between the professionalism of the individual and the social status of representatives of the middle class if they occupy similar positions at the same wages. There is a formal relationship between the middle class and the lower class, but it is not exactly analogous.

There are many facts proving the renewal of the middle class, which may be provided in essays on income inequality:

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  • The decline in the number of middle class members. In the early 1930s, the number of persons employed in the labor market was 3.5 times higher than the number agricultural workers.
  • More women than men have gained representation in the middle class. They still employ a large number of young specialists: high school pupils, college and university students, high school graduates.
  • Since the middle class is very popular in the public, in the formation of its expected image, the image of the middle class is relatively high. As a rule, in the minds of the average adult, the middle class is an independent social subject.
  • It should be noted in essays on income inequality that, in the national scale, the middle class represents a part of one of the basic social structures. Other members of the social structure of the United States are also included in the middle class.

  • The lower (or poor) class includes specialists from the lower and middle classes. They perform a number of different types of work: agricultural, technical, family, social work, persuasion, and propaganda.
  • Both sexes of the middle class take part in the distribution of wages. However, the gender stereotypes are especially strict for females. The wages of men and women closely match (for example, $ 460-500) .
  • There is a gender difference in the middle class structure of the American population. In the past, the top of the social ladder was established by the male billionaires. It is clearly visible today. The status of the middle class is dominated by the activity of men.
  • There are important gender characteristics inherent to each participant in the formation of the middle class. In today’s society, there is no unambiguous category of people. However, we can consider the following characteristics:
  • identifiable parenting of children (or one of them);
  • sustainable economic self-sufficiency;
  • ownership of property, presence of conditions which are absolutely necessary for its effective functioning at the modern level: knowledge and skills in the sphere of organization and management, high qualification, information;
  • activities in the field of science, culture which are recognized as particularly valuable for society and carried out on the basis of possessing unique creative abilities;
  • higher subjectivity in the labor market, in the choice of patterns of social behavior, etc. in comparison with lower groups on the social ladder;
  • the ability to influence the social process and its management more or less significantly: the middle class is one of the most important institutions, which provides a wide range of services to the society, especially in the sphere of economic relations.
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    Persons with a higher value of indicators mentioned in this list belong to groups located above the middle class on the social ladder (the upper stratum, the elite).

    An important feature of the middle class is its quantitative scale. In any case, the share of the middle class in the population should be not less than the total share of those groups whose social status is somewhat below. The functioning of the middle class begins exactly from this quantitative threshold. Otherwise, it would be only one of the layers in the social structure of society.