How to write an essay on income inequality

How to write an essay on income inequality

The topic of the article is income inequality. Therefore, you have to make a deep research on this topic. The facts here are that, in the real world, the position of the middle class is often determined by its earnings. As you might already know, the middle class is widely considered to be the backbone of the national economy, hence all the citizens are motivated to reach their living standards in this way. Of course, for many people this concept seems too general to understand, but in the real world, the middle class is perceived as one of the most important elements of social success. So, it makes sense to talk about the middle class here. In any case, you should analyze the incomes of several groups instead of making a big assumption from the middle class about the abilities of each of them. Instead, we can instead look at the position of the middle class in the economic elite of society. As you might already know, the middle class is quite different from the elite of society, but nevertheless, some aspects of the classic American ideal still exist.

Nevertheless, there are many similarities between the middle class and the elite of society. At the same time, it is worth noting that the middle class is distinguished by high social mobility. The reason for this is the existence of a fairly high turnover of labor, which allows the middle class to move up a career ladder. Moreover, this is the reason for the middle class to remain at a relatively stable position in society. Along with the elite of society, there are also some social movements within the middle class. And, unlike the elite of society, they are associated with a certain time course of American history. The first thing to mention in history of income inequality essay is the fact that the middle class, as a rule, was able to achieve its existence owing to the efforts of the elite.

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However, the history of the middle class begins with a middle class that is not yet differentiated from the elite of society. Only the very highest, most successful groups of people have a professional class. Within the middle class, they form a system of power and respect. In general, this process is repeated every day, and the variations between the middle class and the elite of society are manifested, deepening the privileges of the latter.

Note in essay on social inequality that, in addition to the stabilizing of the middle class, there were also examples of other, no less brilliant groups of actors who gained their positions in the society’s economic hierarchy, were able to make contributions to the general market and were able to influence the social process. For example, it was Carter family who contributed to the economic growth of the squatters. The same attitude, in other words, the same kind of “justice”, was displayed by the Italian elite and middle class.

The European social model suggests that the middle class is a social institution, whose functions are established on the basis of others’ activities. However, the American model suggests that the middle class establishes its own identity. The interests of the middle class are determined by the tasks of the society. Therefore, the middle class is not a social institution but an organic unity, the background of which is the struggle for the absolute domination of the middle class over the others.

Explain in “What income inequality is?” essay that the modern theory of income inequality is based on the research of historical examples. The primarily social and economic problems of the world are reflected in the uneven distribution of income between the middle class and the lower classes. In the period of modern American history, the upper and middle classes constitute a single whole, and their positions and positions are usually determined by other factors. These factors are called socio-economic. And the social positions of the middle class are determined by the level of these factors.

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The following criteria are of the great importance: equality of opportunities, access to the high social ladder, material prosperity, high social standard. On the basis of these criteria, the income of the middle class is considered to be the highest in the social hierarchy.

Persons with a higher value in the social hierarchy may be automatically qualified, for example, lawyers, scientists, engineers, and so on. This quality is determined, and the demands for social equality have ceased to be just an ideology phrase. Now the word “equality” is used in a variety of formulations and may be interpreted in different ways, which causes confusion.

The term “equality” is a noun interpretable as “the same is true” or “the same is false”, etc. In case if the phrase is used in the substantiation of a thesis in the form of an negation of the latter, the author is required to make a subtle, but significant deduction from the facts expressed in the source text.

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