How to write an essay on income inequality

How to write an essay on income inequality

The rich and powerful people always strive to keep the poor under their heels. As a rule, they try to dominate and control others. In order to achieve economic success, these people have to accumulate wealth only in the way which they can. However, the poor, exposed to low-quality work, feel helpless and take many attempts to suicide. This is a perfect example of a type of personality disorder called the internal locus of attention.

Quite often, mental disorders and disorders of human beings are caused not by the abundance of money but by the peculiarities of the income inequality in the United States. It is absolutely obvious that all people are not wealthy. But, nevertheless, the rich keep changing their social status. And this is always a part of the income inequality.

If you’re going to write a wealth inequality essay, it is absolutely necessary to touch upon the ways in which the economic inequality manifests itself. The topic is extremely important for people of both genders. In the society, it is written for each person, but the effects can be almost any kind of inequality.

The usual ways of testing the theory of income inequality are not very interesting. The matter is that the measures of economic inequality are usually performed only on an individual basis, and the target of the measure can be any part of society. Often the results of economic inequality research are divided into two categories: positive and negative.

The first group is called the results of the joint research. These are quite often the results of the application and analysis of various methods of income inequality research materials. And the first thing you should write in the income inequality paper introduction is, that these findings confirm the idea of the article.

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In the next part, the researched approaches are performed in the framework of the publication of the results of economic inequality research projects. Usually, they are based on the results of the empirical research. The researches are conducted in order to create patterns and interpretations of the research results. The purpose of such work is to study the reaction of the Earl of York to the proposal of the special taxation of corporations and the tax burden on their corporations.

In the period of writing the paper, the subject is explored in the hypothesis of income inequality. It is necessary to explain the social composition of the population, the reasons for the attainment of the middle class, and the tasks of the party seeking to take the leading position.

The problem of income inequality essay also should make some attempts to answer the question of what is the social context of the process of inequality and, more specifically, how economic inequality affects the life of society now. The subject additionally asks the question of what are the differences and similarities between different groups, such as social, economic, educational, demographic, etc.

To push forward the following idea, it is worth mentioning that the research work of American experts in economic inequality is based on the theory of “equality of opportunities”. The concept of equality of opportunities is the amount of the opportunities in the system of inequality for which each person is willing to pay the corresponding amount of money.

The following words are used in the definition of equality of opportunities:

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  • equal opportunities in the distribution of income, available for all.

  • the level of income, well-being and social protection of citizens.
  • wages and salaries of public employees, the level of which determines the social adequacy of the income of the middle class.
  • social and economic equality of individuals, political and social structures of the society.
  • equitable distribution of products, services, and means of subsistence.
  • the possibility of economic growth based on the development of new products and services.
  • persons exercising civil authority (except those cases when a self-respecting title is needed).
  • government as a rule imposes educational and cultural activity on citizens.
  • Thus, it is worth mentioning in a “How income inequality is affecting the poor?” essay that the middle class is a social group, the level of which determines the level of social adaptation (in the terms of the level of social and economic progress) in the social-economic context, mainly in the forms of communism, social democracy, and rule of law.

    The remaining part of the middle class is the labor force, i.e. the active participation in production. However, in the sphere of education, the middle class is not a “class” but a “class” of intellectuals, most importantly, the intellectual level. In the modern, popular groups of middle class include:

  • highly qualified specialists: high-level specialists in the field of professional knowledge, masters of several professions, Ph.D. holders, Ph.D. holders, professors of leading universities, specialists in social and scientific matters.
  • highly qualified specialists of the non-production profile (service) in the profession (service) sector in order to obtain a sufficiently qualified status within the middle class.