How to write an essay on income inequality?

How to write an essay on income inequality?

The topic of the essay is controversial and often misunderstood. What is the difference between them? A general consensus is formed. But two opposing points of view on the same problem are not considered equally true. Each phenomenon has its own characteristics which should be taken into account when writing about the income inequality in the United States.

The researchers’ opinion is that the wages of Americans from the lower and middle classes rise due to the individual economic changes. This is a crucial element in the analysis of the income inequality, because the behaviors of corporations and the incomes of parts of the working class are determined by the degree of social mobility.

In the process of economic transformation, the middle class is typically reduced by the salaries of the proletariat (the lower and middle classes) during the process of compensation for the costs of their socialization. One of the main reasons for this is the transformation of the function of the family, the characteristics of the child, their socialization.

The phenomenon of social mobility is among the highest achievements of human society. This is a pattern established by Western social thinkers and scientists in order to explain the changes that have taken place in society in the following decades, and the processes that can lead to the achievement of the society’s goals on the basis of the abilities of the people.

Mention in your income inequality paper that in the societies of the most developed countries of the world, the differentiation of social classes and social groups, their own and historic characteristics are observed. In the United States, the process of class differentiation is observed. The economic imbalance of the two classes is visible. The progress of the proletariat is slower than in Europe, and the material differences between the two groups are less significant than in Western Europe.

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In the European countries, the ideals of humanism are preached by social legislation and public opinion. But the real meaning of this concept is partly lies in the philosophical foundations of society, in particular, the idea of human rights. The main right which is established in the framework of humanism is the right to life, the right to freedom, justice and adequate food.

In the Euro-American countries, the idea of human rights is founded on the personality of the individual, connected with the existence of rights of individual, human rights communication and social interaction. American citizens are the first ones who were allowed to speak and write. Their value in society is often higher than the interests of other individuals.

People are free. In Europe, the idea of freedom was more defined by economic principles of the ruling elite and social convicts. Freedom was understood as freedom from aggressors, and hence, individuals were free. In America, the concept of freedom was more universal, and it was embodied, as Tocqueville explained, in the process of the elimination of economic inequality. The archival list of those who wrote and wrote about the book “Life of the NAACP” (1904) might serve as an example of the way of thinking that prevailed in the Enlightenment Age.

A century later, Tocqueville described the scene with the collapse of the slave society and the emergence of the free labour class in the southern states of the US. These trends were followed by the process of the elimination of the corrupt, and the cost of such efforts was very high. In Europe, the activities of special administrators were regulated, whereas in the United States, the same was not so.

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Political corruption was a normal thing, but corruption is not. It is due to the action of a combination of factors, and they are considered in modern American literature as an inexcusable and absolutely irrational factor. The very word “corruption” combines such factors as the personal interest of the person and the desire of the crowd, the ease of bribery, the disproportion between the class and the crowd, the relationship between the individual and the corruptible, etc.

In Europe, the notions of corruption were very different. The word “hastily” was invented in the XVII century by the English philosopher Thomas Paine to describe easy income inequality. The main thing that he described was a society of equals, where the status of the middle class was almost equal. In America, there were no strong state mechanisms of control over corruption, and the private conciliation of the two classes took place. The middle class was not a “social class” but a “social circle” – a crowd of people. And this is why, in Europe, the middle class was not a “class” at all. It was an “invitation” to the top of the social ladder.

In Europe, the middle class was more likely to be called a “class” than a “soc class”. But, in America, the opposite concept was used. The middle class was formed by the activity of economic liberals. And it contributed to the general process of social mobility.