How to write an essay on income inequality

How to write an essay on income inequality

The topic of economic inequality in the United States is invariably relevant for the students of all disciplines connected with the society. The subject inevitably implies the analysis of capitalism and its social forms in the United States.

In the pre-revolutionary period, the idea of equality was very high. The whole American history, the creation of a national standard of living, the Western dream of democracy were being built. But, unfortunately, over the past 40 years, the progress of the American economy has been not maintained, and its potential is barely higher.

The reasons for the lack of progress are the capitalist greed and the desire of the majority of the population to make money more in this way than in the past. The titanic struggle for wealth has not ended. As a result, the worker has ceased to experience any genuine pleasure from life, has become more and more materialistic. The power of the middle class in the economic sphere is not so much an egalitarian phenomenon as a professional, highly paid class.

Let us give in the income inequality essay conclusion that the phenomenon of inequality in the United States is the consequence of a change in the character of the labor process and the nature of the distribution of income. In the period of crisis, the labor market is wide open, free, and every higher social class has the right to receive a decent salary. But the elite members enjoy the privileges: high incomes and social security. This is a fundamental reason for the rapid growth of inequality.

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Chronic stagnation of economic growth means the transfer of increasing profits to the middle class. Standard of living is being surpassed by the money of the poor. The middle class is becoming richer at the expense of the others. Decreases in income and living expenses are happening. The percentage of the middle class in the population should be stable. Otherwise, the achievement of the citizen’s liberation from exploitation will be not possible.

The process of economic growth requires the coordination of the activities of the middle class in the creation of a solid labor market. Activities of labor specialists should be aimed at providing the free competition of jobs, ensuring equal opportunities in the labor market, the attainment of the social and professional status, the establishment of a suitable social order.

There are different types of social ties which may be described in essays on income inequality:

  • Family – the basic social structure consisting of parents and children. It provides them with a standard of living which is different from the ideal intended by the market economy. Family and marriage are deterministic, complementary. They allow each to feel secure, the privileges, and authority of the parents.
  • Social – the type of relationships between unrelated individuals, the phenomenon of social inclusion which is mainly due to the differences in the social and economic sphere, the conditions of life. So, it may be written in the essay on income inequality and happiness that, in the real world, the balance between the interests of the economy and social goals is not achieved.
  • Low social status (officials, managers) – the result of the action of special bodies of social and economic activity, especially, that is, the activities of the elite and the practice of the mass distribution of income. The mass distribution of income is achieved by the active participation of the population in the distribution of national wealth.
  • The principle of meritocracy in the system of meritocracy. The first class is entitled to all under the rule of the state, then – to the lower class. The incentive for this is the availability of, for example, low-quality education for children, inadequate housing for the elderly, etc. In the system of meritocracy, the rich may be enabled by supporting a poor.
  • The middle class is distinguished by high heterogeneity and even ambiguity in many objective and subjective criteria. This prevents the understanding of the common interests of representatives of the middle class.
  • The main social groups belong to the middle class: middle and lower classes, middle class representatives.
  • Economic classes belong to the upper class: the owners of large businesses, top managers, managers, investors, etc.
  • Social classes are divided into a lower (productive) and a higher (non-productive) class. The latter group is called the “middle class”.
  • Tone (if a person is engaged in social activities) and a higher (service) class. The tone of speech should correspond to the mood of the society. When mentioning people or ideas, the speaker is free from political obligation.
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    The difference between the middle class and other social groups, however, is greater broadening of the range of moral criteria for the comparison. The subject also should be complex, suggestive of deeper meanings. The reader may not be able to stay with the abstract argumentation of the author.