How to write an essay on juvenile delinquency

How to write an essay on juvenile delinquency

The fifth article in the article about children and adolescents is devoted to the problems of a certain kind of adolescent, i.e. adolescents. They write that minors often become criminals, and it is proved by the real data. If a person is exposed to second order of education, he will be more susceptible to crime.

According to the teachers, anybody can become a criminal, but in a juvenile delinquency essay most likely, he or she will be offered to commit a harder and more complex punishment in the future. This are the main reasons why teachers draw up the battle lines between students and their parents.

The article continues to explain the question of how to properly care for a minor, gives an example of the difference between boys and girls, and how to prevent a situation. After reading it, a teenager may leave the experiment with his mother in order not to shame the family. After all, the teacher wants the child to study. And mother, in turn, wants the child to work so that the child can become a source of income. So, it is quite natural that, getting a higher education is not something that can be done about.

Despite the modern progress, such problems still exist. But there is a change in the attitude of professors towards children. They begin to respect them. In particular, they become more tolerant to the whims of the teenager, their desire for admission to universities, their desire for social awards, etc.

The image of a student is excellent. The Social Council, the most representative organization of socially active students, manages 150 universities, including the famous and prestigious Harvard University. Small number of students is responsible for the results of training. Young people feel the hope for the future, which is a good reason for giving them gifts, sharing information with other people.

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The philosophy of life and the world order are advanced, and what hinders this process is the fear of defeat and underestimation of the person. The child even begins to expect a negative attitude of professors. Such views lead to the habit of mimicry, inability to accept own thoughts. The way of thinking is unified and collectivized. The image of the person is bolstered by the correct organization of the work of the family.

One of the main psychological factors in the process of training is the formation of responsibility for the results of training. The teenager begins to expect a higher degree of work and a higher value in life. Then of course, there is nothing wrong with working according to one’s own career path. But it is also not worth stressing out. The person will be able to handle any tests and exercises, write high-quality essays, defense speeches, make presentations and reports. All this will be used in the process of training. In the future, the person can be prepared for life, and the work of a future specialist will be based on one’s talents.

In order to prevent such tendencies, it is necessary to foster a sense of responsibility and instill a sense of shame in the hearts of the children. As a rule, they experienced a similar situation at the end of their adolescence. The formation of the individual in adolescence is fundamentally different from the age of adulthood, and the ability to bear responsibility takes shape during this period.

The opportunity to be yourself

The group of personal life of teenagers is used by many teenagers. The degree of interest in own personality is higher than interest in the norms of the moral law, the desire for self-disclosure is more intense than the desire for personal benefit. This is the reason for forming a style of personality in teenagers, which allows them to be proud of their own deeds.

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In the framework of the individual’s interests, such a way of being a teenager is possible. However, the style of behavior of adolescents themselves is not consistent with the norms of morality. The self-esteem of a teenager is highly individual, which, however, are not equal to the perception of the reality “around”. The needs of this individual and the desire for personal satisfaction are sufficiently powerful motivating factors.

However, the teenager does not forget about the future. Further, the individuality of a teenager is preserved: the desire for respect is the main thing that sets the mood. The person can survive in any physical conditions, but psychologically, without respect, it is impossible to feel joy and pleasure. The needs of the individual are just as important. Of course, the teenager may die from the bullying.

So, it should be noted in identity crisis essay that, in addition to personal needs, there are also group factors. As a rule, they are associated with the successes of the group: the spread of social benefits, increased material well-being, etc. However, the specific interests of the teenager should be taken into account. The teenager falls into the trap of using the privileges of the organization of work, the behavior of officers and other unlawful acts.