How to write an essay on minimum wage

How to write an essay on minimum wage

The minimum wage policy is a controversial issue. Many experts believe that higher salaries would lead to companies having to reduce the number of their workers. Thus, the other bad rates of economic growth would rise, and that’s why the number of people employed in the economy would increase. And when looking for the valid reasons for increasing the minimum wage, you can find quite a few sources to support your claims.

The first piece of evidence is the statistical fact that more people have to enter the labor market because they are currently employed in the economy. Therefore, while looking for the minimum wage research paper topics, it is also valid to explore the question of what the minimum wage could bring to the business and to the employment rates as well. Some experts believe that higher salaries would lead to companies having to reduce the number of their workers. Thus, the other bad rates of growth would rise, and that would be the unemployment rates. More people would have to stay seeking for jobs that the employers would not be able to provide and that might in its turn, lead to the potential economy crisis. If you want to look at all the potential consequences like this, you could base your essay solely on the effects side of this problem by writing the essay against raising minimum wage. By performing an extensive research and brainstorming, you could also propose new solutions for reaching livable wages that would satisfy low-wage workers in the long run, and the governmental rise of the minimum wage rate is believed to be not the only solution for that problem.

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Another theory claims that raising the minimum wage will lead to big companies having bigger expenses for labor. As a result, low-wage workers will be able to cover the costs of these workers. Thus, both of these types of risks are real and dangerous. You should be aware of all the potential consequences of putting forward a new standard for the labor market. You could also propose new approaches for reaching livable wages, even in the social media world where there is no real guarantee of what your labor skills will be in demand. The only thing you are able to guarantee is that your resume will be totally original and it will be based on a real experience, insights of your life experience. However, a degree of honesty is considered to be the best cover letter. For example, this could be a history based on real events, relationships of people in the past, events that actually took place, influences of people’s lives. And, of course, the personal interest of the employer is not just to receive the paycheck, but to find out the real causes of their behavior, their attitude for society, their unique ability to achieve their goals.

If you want to narrow your biography to the maximum of interesting facts, choose the area of economy where you are well acquainted. Or use the area of life and relationships of people that you know. The social media is quite a friendly place for this purpose, so you could write about enjoying the life and being a part of something greater. For example, if you want to talk about the modern system of economy, you could write about the technological progress and the opportunities that it provides for a modern family.

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    Writing About Marriage

    One of the basic human needs is the ability to communicate with other people. Many people consider this activity to be the central value in the relationship. Maureen Harper explains to the readers of a story about love that spouses are able to convey their feelings and emotions simply because, in the end, they realize that this is only a small part of the total process of communication.

    At the end of the twentieth century, the communication of marriage was precisely concentrated on the interpersonal level, which only the author can approximate and describe his behavior with the utmost precision. The inner dialogue of spouses is seldom described in the literature of other characters, and this is entirely in the discursive role of the dynamics of interpersonal relations.

    Relations between spouses are usually based on the harmony of the interaction of individuals, their mutual understanding and support. Only the author can fully understand the inner world of the partner, down to the deepest feelings. Only he has the right to own actions.