How to write an essay on minimum wage

How to write an essay on minimum wage

The minimum wage policy is a controversial issue that many social groups have polarizing opinions about. That’s why, when writing academic papers on minimum wage you might take a different approach that the academics may find difficult to resolve. The reason for that is the fact that the history of this problem of the minimum wage is rather heterogeneous in different parts of the country. As a rule, in the southern states, the ideals of the minimum wage were formed only in the lower class. At the same time, it is noteworthy that the minimum wage idea is quite heterogeneous in different parts of the country. That’s why, when writing about minimum wage in the United States, you should take into account that the issue often tends to change from one state to another.

The history of the minimum wage paper

The topic of the minimum wage is of the recent past of the American history. Furthermore, the first laws on the minimum wage were adopted in the United States in the 1780s. The current law on the minimum wage was created specifically for the time of the first FSLA act in the United States. FSLA is a law that establishes the duties on the part of the owners of land or manufactured goods, except for situations when workhouses are involved. The FSLA was established in the aftermath of the American Revolution. The main goal of the FSLA was to prevent idle people from working in mines and quarries, but the main tribunal stated that it also applied to workplaces. The term “other persons” was used in practice only within a small part of society.

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The closest connection between the FSLA and the American history is the pattern of their similarity. The United States is the only one of the developed countries in the world which is proud of its ideal, and this fact is very significant. Many other countries receive the international status of the United States. The FSLA is one of the most important laws of modern society. Let us explain why it is so important.

The international status of the United States is an important thing. The international community seeks to unite efforts in preventing and combating crimes of this kind. The application of the provisions of the UN Charter, the UN Convention on the Rights of Man and Women, the UN Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and other international legal instruments is quite easy to use. However, the work of the UN Charter is actually regulated by governmental regulation of labor, and the level of the interpretation and protection of human rights is regularly monitored by the public and the state organizations.

Workplace Safety Act

The act applies to situations involving work with minors (children, teenagers, etc.). Work with adults is considered as the main source of income for the average family. Therefore, the wage rates and wages are calculated on the basis of the earnings of the average family. The following sub-sections set out the basic management functions of the Labor Code, the main features of its legislation and the mechanisms that regulate the working conditions and the obligations of employers.

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The work of children is often disparaged without any reasons. The example of the life of a teen can be described in the essay about earning the living wage. Young people can be divided into the two groups: the rich and the poor.

In the past several decades, the number of teenagers working at work has doubled. The fact is that teenagers are becoming willing to pay the living wage and are increasingly able to start working while obtaining an academic degree.

The phenomenon of adolescent labour has a pronounced gender impact. Unlike the marriage, youth is not forged in the family. You may state in the essay about teenage labour that, in recent childhood, the number of girls and boys engaged in trades is three times higher than the number agricultural workers.

The high activity of girls in recent years has increased significantly. They use tools and techniques that were unavailable in their parents’ work. Males also increasingly use modern means of communication, more than half of which is electronic.

The number of teenagers working in enterprises is rapidly growing. As a rule, in a few years, the total number of people employed in agriculture will reach 16 million people. In such industries, the sex of the intermediary is usually 10-14 years, women – 20-25 years.

Significant progress of legislation in the field of labour regulation is observed. The exploitation of children is prohibited in many states. For example, in New York, since 1999, the age of employers to be aware of the higher the age is not permitted to work more than 7 hours per day.

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Of course, some states specifically prohibit to work on a work contract as well as child labour (except for cases of extreme cruelty, such as child labour in relation to children, elderly people, etc.). However, the court decides on the legality of such practices in most states of the world.

Because of the progress of the legal regulation of the country, the price of one assignment is increasingly higher every year.