How to write an essay on national free crime

How to write an essay on national free crime

This is what you should include in your anti-corruption essay introduction. It is crucial to understand the basic concepts and functioning of the institutions that are established to check the degree of illicit activities in the country. Their work is coordinated by law enforcement bodies. In 2014, the agency “The IPL” was established in the United States. The Presidency of the country signed the Border Crossing Card Program, which provides for the entry of immigrants without visas. The card is used at the entry gates of the American border.

There are several card programs:

  • The American entry essay card is a proof of identity which is used at the border.
  • Visa cards – a proof of your knowledge of American standards on education, culture, and religion.
  • Study passports of the countries of the EU, the US, and Australia.
  • Although these documents are not equivalent to legal work, they are very useful. The Australian experience shows that most criminals try to build their careers while obtaining the necessary knowledge and staying undetected. The risk of being detected in the relative ease of criminal activities is quite high.

    Following your immigration essay introduction, you should write about the main problem of your essay. That is the illegal immigration. The problem of this phenomenon is that for some time the majority of the citizens of certain states were happy to accept the illegal forms of migration, but now they are annoyed by the arbitrary and harsh decisions of the government.

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    An important factor is the illegal entry of children into the family. Girls are increasingly available to the society, and this phenomenon should be considered in the light of the problem of population growth. When the girls are born, they need to bring their children to the best hospitals, but many of them have delayed their birth because of illness. The problem of overpopulation arises when the number of children is increased due to the addition of children, and the disease that is normally treated in the family (infertile syndrome). In combination with the high mortality of the world population, the increase in the number of illegal residents increases.

    Illegal entry also influences the economy. Employers suffer from illegal workers paying little or no wages, using the lack of informed and experienced workers. Such people have low salaries, which in some countries leads to a crisis of population and economic damage. The situation is aggravated by the illegal immigration, overpopulation, and low quality of school education, since the majority of illegal children are the children of illegal parents.

    Here is one more thing about the illegal immigration: employers often hire people from the street for short periods of time with the purpose of gaining labor, that is, for a certain period of time. The disadvantage of this method is that the people often remain impoverished and have low education, which in combination with the illegal presence spoils the social environment. The example of the low-quality work is the perception of a young talented child (the child being born to replace the heir to the house) by illegal immigrants. This creates a kind of threat to the life and career of the child, since he is already a teenager. He can be exposed to increased danger.

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    Illegal immigration also influences the social aspect of the problem. Taking into consideration the findings of researches in the United States, it is possible to establish that illegal residents bring a financial burden. The current legal age of the child in the USA is very different from the opinion of the majority of the population – the younger generation. The situation with green cards is also different: for the very young people a legal one is in demand instead of a criminal one. In certain states, a certain period of life (between the ages of 15-16 years, the minimum age for admission to universities is 18 years old, the norm of working age is 13 years old).

    There are laws limiting the entry of children into the USA. For example, the following restrictions are in effect:

  • Parents are required to enforce the banning of children from the area of entertainment and sports which is contrary to their opinion.
  • In the case of the conviction of a child in criminal (disturbance of public order) or due to the activity of children in connection with work related issues, the use of child labour is prohibited.
  • A special attention should be paid to the interests of children, their choices and dreams (spiritual and practical) interests.
  • The spirit of a teenager should always be considered in the first context. Although it sometimes may be rather positive.
  • The impression of him can be quite different. In the case of the blind hatred of all, he can’t help but think: “All this knowledge is meaningless. It will never come in handy. I should better pay someone to write my essay.”
  • The right to shelter and care.