How to write an essay on national inequality

How to write an essay on national inequality

Before you’ll start working on any social inequality essay paper, it is important to put into question your opponent’s arguments. Let’s figure out what they are. This is an essential part of the whole essay, which without it, the academic paper will turn into a piece of writing from the beginning. To understand this, let’s consider the main arguments of the section “Elaborated social structure of society” that is often mentioned in essays on inequality:

  • The historical profile of the United States of America as a democratic state. It was a society of free-thinking people aspiring to freedom. In this sense, the American Dream is a modern version of the ancient English tradition, which called “Equality of opportunity”. The first US president, George Washington, often referenced this idea, suggesting that the society is more equal when each of the members of it is free from any exploitation, and the government provides the opportunities to succeed in different spheres of a better life.
  • Equality of treatment. It means the equality of treatment, which should be universal, available at all times. In the framework of the ADA, it is meant that the criteria for evaluation of the employer are limited to the characteristics of the applicant, the nature of his work environment and occupational requirements. But the regime of equality of treatment is more flexible. In addition, the employer is not limited to only functional requirements. In addition, the employer has the right to apply to the court if his act violates the rights of a client.
  • Equality of outcome/result. It means the conditions that allow, for example, the adoption of children from one family. The thing is that the children are freed from their parents, which in some way affects their development.
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    If you need to write an essay on the economic growth and income inequality, it is really worth focusing on the middle class. As you can clearly see, the middle class is a highly concentrated and rich part of society, which, however, are not identical in terms of wealth and economic position.

    In the broad sense, the middle class is an independent social subject. In the collective consciousness, the term “middle class” means a part of society that occupies the status positions between the top and bottom in the social hierarchy. Through its maintenance, widening and strengthening, the state can prevent high income inequality.

    From the economic point of view, the middle class is an independent social subject, which is independently protected from both material and social factors. The level of social protection provided by the middle class is higher than in the lower strata. So, in the absolute sense, the middle class is a more stable economically and a more solid socially constructed entity.

    There is a generally accepted methodology that identifies several mandatory attributes of the population’s belonging to the middle class. It may be found in any good example of research paper about income inequality. The following aspects are of great importance:

  • firstly, the financial situation (including decent incomes, sufficient savings, adequate housing and other property);
  • secondly, the social and professional status (level of education, culture, kind of activity);
  • thirdly, self-identification (with which layer the person associates himself).
  • Another important feature of the middle class is its ability to invest in real estate, liquid assets.