How to write an essay on police brutality

How to write an essay on police brutality

This type of paper is also known under the name of the abbreviation: BR. The tone should always be optimistic, upbeat, and creative. The word “bureaucracy” means “public service” in French. The message can be delivered to any place, being both to a person and to an object of punishment.

However, there are other, no less important meaning of this word. To understand its subtleties, let’s consider in more detail police brutality essay definition.

The word “police” is both a personal term and a public requirement, as a rule, which is expressed in the modern formulation of the concept of the law enforcement as one of the most important instruments of social correction, in accordance with the standards of civilized society.

Definition of the police as a social institution is inseparable from the proper application of the law and the practice of its competent and efficient activity in practice on the basis of the authority of the individual and the ability to defend it. Later, the state was able to take effective measures to combat crime in the home and abroad. The details of the development of the legislation on the police are inherited in the social traditions of the different countries of the world.

Now, it is easy to recognize the value of the role of the human and natural law on the police as one of the most important social institutions. The indisputable reality shows that the function of the law is to check the ordinary and prudent implementation of the legal norms, their lawful and precise application in practice in order to prevent or hinder the unlawful actions of law enforcement officers.

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The function of the free press is to serve as a judge and jury for the integration of the many into the exclusive framework of the legal norms, in support of which the rule of silence is established. The function of the information and communication with society is to obtain the most reliable information about what is happening in the world and what is expected of it in the future. From this perspective, the free speech is a method for educating people, both the king and the subject of the speech.

The general concept of the concept “free speech” is quite obvious: the concept is formed on the basis of the practice of declaring the ideas, following the principle of absence of censorship, the expression of the thoughts which are not subject to any prohibition, restriction, or interference.

In essence, the term “free speech” is translated into English. At the same time, it is necessary to distinguish the idea, the expression of the speaker’s thoughts as one of the basic values of our time. Under freedom of speech, the individual can communicate his mind, the thoughts which he has about the problem of justice, about peace, about the new world.

To make your work easier, better planned and structured, you should create the police brutality essay outline. The example below might be of help.�


The concept of the First Amendment is often used by students of all universities, especially at the end of the semester. If you have to write an essay on law enforcement, you should start with this question. The broad interpretation of the First Amendment’s protection of the American people from state interference in their affairs is based on the natural freedom of a man.

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In general, the concept of the First Amendment is quite obvious, yet for the reason of its history, it is not entirely clear, because the process of legal regulation of the United States is long and complicated. In particular, the whole history of the problem of the relationship between the United States and England is represented by the decision of the US Supreme Court in case Schenk v. United States (1925), in which it was stated that the ideas of the free press are not limited to only statements that should be believed, but also should be believed unequivocally, without any consideration of the reasons that they were expressed.

In this way, the Free Speech Clause is used to define the notion of the American Dream. The court stated that any attempt to restrict free press is equivalent to a case when, on November 17, 1784, the newspaper publisher Peter Zenger from New York was accused of disseminating slanderous fabrications for publishing anonymous criticism of the British Brigadier-General William Cosby in the New York Weekly Journal.

Thanks to the lawyer Hamilton, the journalist was acquitted by the jury on the basis of the key words of the opinion that the journalist was not guilty in an elementary criminal sense. The lawyer managed to convince the jury that no one can be sentenced to criminal punishment for public criticism of the authorities, especially when such criticism corresponds to the real state of affairs.

The functions of the free press

The founders of the Constitution knew human nature, negative psychological impact of orthodoxy and imposition of standardized norms. They weighed the need to restrict free press and equated it to an insult of human rights. The best proof of truth is the possibility of thinking to be perceived in the market of ideas.