How to write an essay on population explosion.

How to write an essay on population explosion.

You might be writing an essay on population explosion. This topic is quite popular on the web. There are many different sources of information about the population explosion. And it is no wonder that people talk about this problem constantly. You can even pick one of the subtopics in your essay. For example, you can give an essay on the impact of population on environment. When writing the paper, you can focus simply on the fact that, with the improvement of technology, the birth rate is being slower, the mortality rate is expected to rise sooner. So, this is one of the most important subtopics in your text. The thing is that, with the help of birth control, the number of people can start reproducing themselves the race they already have. And if you look at the particular results of the fertility rate, you may find out that the number of people ready to reproduce is getting higher with every year. So, this is something that you can include in your paper.

Still, there are so many causes of population growth that some of them may be used in your essay. Let’s look at the main of them.

Cultural factors for population growth

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to mention in your population control essay. And the reason for that is culture. Culture is a way of preserving the identity of a group, preserving the traditional values of the societies. Therefore, creating the scientific concepts and societal norms, the Western philosopher Calhoun coined the term “cultivation”. It means the possession of diverse rights, privileges, and rights, the ability to own the life, liberty and property of another individual. With each step in the abolition of feudal privileges, the period of gradual emancipation of the average person is observed.

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Another important cultural factor to describe in your population control essay is religion which directly links the past and present, influences the formation of human relations in the modern society. So, it is especially important to include the information about the rise of “Age of Religious Violence” in society in this period of its history.

  • According to the law of nature, everyone has the right to defend his property, i.e. life, freedom and material savings. Ensuring these inalienable values is the main goal of the contractual unification of people into the state and transferring themselves under its authority.

    The most important ways of practical realization of human rights include, above all, the principles of people’s sovereignty and separation of powers. The first of them, developed primarily by Locke and Rousseau, means the subordination of power to individuals voluntarily united into a society. They have the right to dissolve a “social contract” and to overthrow the power if it encroaches upon the fundamental human rights (the right to life, the right to freedom, etc.).

    The second principle that guarantees individual freedoms is the separation of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. Inform the readers of “Theories of human rights” essay that, for the first time, it was formulated in modern form by the French lawyer Montesquieu in the treatise “The Spirit of the Laws” of 1748.

    The main goal of the separation is to avoid abuse of power. According to Montesquieu, in order to prevent such an opportunity, there should be a system in which different authorities could mutually restrain each other. Such mutual limitation of the authorities is a necessary condition for their lawful and coordinated functioning in legally delineated borders.

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    Montesquieu believed that the legislative power occupies the leading and determining position. Note in essay on human rights and development of society that this principle still remains the most important instrument protecting the individual from abuse and harassment on the part of the authorities.

    Another aspect to which Montesquieu draws attention is political freedom in its relation not only to the state structure but also to an individual citizen. It is the security of the person. Considering the means of ensuring such security, Montesquieu attributes special importance to the high quality of criminal laws and proceedings.

    The theoretical formula for the French revolutionary movement against royal despotism and feudal aristocratic system in the name of natural human rights was supported by some thoughts of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in his treatise “The Spirit of the Laws” of 1748. Comparing the ideal of natural law with the surrounding reality, Rousseau came to full and comprehensive condemnation of the latter. You can describe his observations in “Human rights violation” essay.

    Rousseau taught that, by nature, human is born free. Meanwhile, we see him in fetters everywhere. By nature, all people are equal.