How to write an essay on poverty

How to write an essay on poverty

The world is becoming richer. The exponential growth of a healthy economy is reflected in the populations of certain countries in the form of material comfort which their citizens enjoy: greater material well-being and higher social standard. However, many people are concerned about the fact that, in such conditions, people may experience poverty, and this problem is one of the most urgent. So, the main thing that should be done to tackle this problem is to increase the awareness of the public about what it’s like to live in poverty. Awareness means a free and education system, social networks, adequate access to the internet, and social media. Then people will be able to help themselves and to understand the extent to which the poverty is. Then, people will be able to fight the poverty.

Of course, none of these conditions in their perfect forms exist in our society, even though they are usually combined. In the formulation of problems, poverty is one of the social problems, because it is a part of all the problems in the world. Well-known facts prove this: the lack of labor, excess workforce, single-parent families, that the family is a “wonderful” institution in human society.

Moreover, the problem of poverty is especially acute for children. They are the ones who experience poverty the most. They are the ones who are forced to work hard in order to keep their parents happy. In the right context, this attitude towards children can be called maternal.

READ:  What is the definition of poverty: the lack of a minimum set of prerequisites for maintaining an adequate level of material well-being; poverty includes such factors as limited opportunities in the labor market due to the differences in the level of wages and material well-being. This category should be considered in detail in essay on economic inequality.

Unfortunately, the increase in child poverty has a tendency to increase in recent years. The fact is that the world’s income inequality has increased significantly, and the gap between the rich and the poor has widened considerably, the situation of the poor often becomes hopeless, which has the most negative impact on juvenile poverty. Another factor is the negative processes in the family. Unfortunately, the family often cannot or does not want to give the teenager the necessary help, control his behavior, care about him, and, finally just love him. The factor of material security, in this case, is practically irrelevant. After all, there are examples when a well-to-do family, which, it would seem, does everything for the child: it controls his behavior and studies, satisfies his desires and even whims, gives the opportunity to master foreign languages, play sports, etc., does not provide the main thing – love, emotional warmth in the relationship between the child (adolescent) and the parents. That is what you should include in your juvenile crime is a cry for help essay. There is a latent rejection, therefore, the attempt to transform the child into a man is made.

Transforming the child into a man, therefore, making him an adult, requires a different attitude towards the child, his age, personality. It’s worth noting in an essay on juvenile delinquency and child labour that the transition of the adolescent’s personality in the family is completed when he ceases to experience any discomfort from his age, and the desire to be a lawyer or a teacher is also fading. In the juvenile delinquency essay, note that many mothers have an idea of a “good” child as a “comfortable” child, but due to the peculiarities of age-related changes, the teenager does not correspond to this view. Then parents begin to fight against the individuality of their child, against his individuality.

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This is an interesting fact for the research paper on juvenile delinquency. The majority of teenagers with deviant behavior have experience of physical violence (physical threats and intimidation). However, the researchers make the following conclusions: in adolescent offenders’ lives, there is a tendency to commit crimes of a sexual nature. Also, the frequency of crimes of this type is significantly higher in public schools than in older ones.

In the youth crime essay, state that the material conditions of a teenage deviant behavior are often dominated by his ability to travel across the country border, as well as the presence of certain associations of working youth. The struggle of young people is often even associated with the desire for participation in public organizations, participation in scientific conferences. Though such aspirations are sometimes aimed at increasing the status in a country, they also can lead to the development of social status, which in turn, is linked with the opportunities offered by the state economy. The struggle of young people is often linked with the activity of organizations of social assistance and counseling.

According to social research, the family is a social institution in which love and a warm relationship abound. However, the modern family faces many problems, which are subsequently inevitably reflected in the children. The main of them is family conflicts. Many parents have an idea of a “good” child as a “comfortable” child, but due to the peculiarities of age-related changes, the teenager does not correspond to this view. Then parents begin to fight against their children, to isolate them, and later, to abandon the child. Sometimes, the fight is not physical but ideological.