How to write an essay on poverty and malnutrition

How to write an essay on poverty and malnutrition

Problem of poverty and malnutrition essay

In the first half of the last century, significant progress towards eliminating poverty was made in the world. But even at that time, the process of impoverishment was already under way more complex and includes a number of complex factors, the factors of socioeconomic pressure, which you should describe in your essay on poverty and malnutrition.

After the middle of the 20th century, the process of total social adaptation (the process of resounding) began. The struggle of the classes became more intense, the struggle for the abolition of the slave trade in the West was supported. The number of working kids declined, the number of working women declined, the number of farmers also decreased.

In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters. America narrowed the idea of success to one component in a concrete, tangible form, and happiness was determined by the number of banknotes. The dream of happiness was embodied, as Tocqueville said, in the romance of figures which have an irresistible charm. The cult of wealth has become almost religious. It was a special form of idealism, which, however, were very much resisted by the social and economic progress of the majority of the world. Tocqueville described it as follows: there is something supernatural, mystical in the incredible ability of Americans to acquire.

Writing the economic growth essay, you can mention that, in the framework of any bourgeois ideology, the “average” increased in wealth through the unbrided hatred of the middle class for the sake of greater social inequality. The percentage of the middle class in the United States was weaker than in England and greater than in France. The lower the class, the fewer people were able to enjoy the fruits of social life, and the distance between the middle class and the lower class increased.

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Social differences between the poor and the rich classes in the United States were very significant. The rate of social inequality was significantly higher than in England. Give of Wealth was the strength of the individual bourgeois class, and, more than once throughout the colonial period, the aspiration of the middle class seemed to drive the entire society mad.

There is a novel example of the United States of America on the world political arena. The history of the United States is the oldest, the strongest, and most prestigious state in the world. The natural economic potential of the American economy has always been far above the norms of international criminality, and this role was constantly upheld. The middle class established the most lucrative “rents” in the country, permitted a wide strata of immigrants from the lower strata to exploit the labor of the environment, provided material comfort and opportunities to socialize the United States in the international arena.

But writing the wealth inequality essay, you should lead the reader to the fact that the Americans’ attitude towards the wealthy is very different from the attitude of the society as a whole. In the US, a whole industry of film and television was created. The advertising industry that emerged in the post-war period and acquires an value of hundreds of millions of dollars. Almost all premium programs, such as “The Apprentice”, “The Incredible Jessica”, “Miami’s Best Friend”, “Our Lady”, “Dear Dave”, “My Hero”, “Our Queen”, “Our King Edward”, “Our Girl”, “Our Queen Amanda”, “Our Girl” do not leave the viewer with a sense of indifference. These are only the examples of the ways mass media influence the thinking and aesthetic attitudes of the viewer.

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Media influence on youth essay also may describe the influence of media on youth essay, since the responsibility of the modern society is primarily associated with the development of the visual and auditory media. The creation of media channels plays an important role in the democratization of the society, the broadening of the range of opinion, the increase in the number of television and radio stations, the number of radio restaurants, sports clubs, such cultural institutions as cinemas, dance clubs, and rock concerts.

The visual information space, which is often filled with video and audio information, directly affects the perceptions of the world by stimulating an attention. The product of the “digital soup” is the consumer’s perception of the world, the information content in it. Thus, it is not an exaggeration to say that the modern person is a “computer addict” (someone might have already called this phenomenon). Such persons are inclined to absorb any information without any doubts, to alter their consciousness and even content of information, sometimes, to reduce it to the minimum level, i.e. to report. So, they are already exposed to the world of Internet resources, which make it not so difficult for them to navigate through the modern information space. If you are writing the effects of news media essay, note that the same environment is typical for those who are developing how to tell the truth about what they saw on the screen, how to present the information.