How to write an essay on poverty and malnutrition

How to write an essay on poverty and malnutrition

If you need to write an essay on poverty and malnutrition, you will find here plenty of topics to work on as well. Let’s see what you can write about the minimum wages regarding the whole country or the region of your current residence. The first thing that you can study is the history of the problem of poverty. So, the first thing that we are going to learn in this section, is the history of poverty. Let us start with the fact that in the history of the problem of poverty, there were wars and poverty. This is something that we all know, but nevertheless, the basics remain unchanged. In the first part of this article, we will talk about the actual reasons of the early development of poverty, and afterwards, you will be able to provide the background information on the issue.

So, in the history of poverty, the war against poverty is often the creation of a new class of people. The term “the poor” comes from the Latin “pater” meaning “prey” in Greek philosophy: “Affordable labour is the need for free distribution of any products, opportunity to earn a living, etc. In the ancient Greek philosophy, the cult of wealth was the cult of the lazy and destitute. Small elite groups rarely became the owners of both rich and poor classes, but, nevertheless, was able to provide the poor with a range of other social benefits. A exception was made in case if the goal of the struggle for wealth was the attainment of material comfort.

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In any case, such ideology was able to exist only within the reached borders, extending as far as possible into the unknown outer space of space, in competition with the white settlers. Ultimately, the success of the individual was determined by the combination of hard work and wise investment.

However, the philosophy of property versus the philosophy of labor does not allow to deny the need for material comfort, and this is also an independent value. However, the technology of production decides the condition of work, the social position of the owner. So, the actual struggle for the acquisition of material goods may be rather difficult.

In the New World, the philosophy of “equal opportunities” was built on the continent without any permanent inhabitants, and the poverty was primarily due to the fact that the society was transmissible. As a rule, the lower, middle class of the population was sufficiently rich and influential. On the other hand, the working class consisted of the experienced and powerful representatives of the upper strata. Their struggle for the development of the economy was accompanied by the struggle for the abolition of slavery, the freed distribution of property, and the right for equal distribution of opportunities.

Contrasts arose in the atmosphere of unprecedented freedoms for the lower strata. The internal clash between the free-thinking and the restrictive ideology was exacerbated by the existence of equality of opportunities, universal rights, and the possibility of unlimited access to the national market.

The economy proved its superiority over the economy of other countries of the world: over a long period of work, the workforce of the whole country was fully developed, and the goals of the war were fully achieved. No wonder at various stages of the development of human rights the West often came into force exactly those provisions of the Constitution that correspond to the true intentions of the person.

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Equality of opportunities, equality of social status were achieved. The level of the accomplishments of the individual was higher than the achievements of the mass, because the latter group had more opportunities to realize human rights. You may write in “Human rights and duties” essay that, the main regulator of equality of opportunities is the level of material well-being which varies considerably for different groups of people.

The following criteria were used for the assessment of the well-being of the population: income, well-being, infant mortality, sexual independence, family, morality, creativity, education, work, rest, family relationships, societal respect, respect for others. Each category had its own ideal standard of living.

Workers have a more difficult and sometimes dangerous role than population, especially urban residents. You may state in “Income inequality too big to ignore” essay that the statistics of overstainings in the labor market is better than the statistics of impoverishment of the vast majority of the population.

The following indicators of the material well-being of the population were used: height, weight, gender, age, religion, and nationality. The indicators of financial and economic status were between those categories, and the latter indicator was used in the quantitative calculation of the population’s incomes.

Workers’ social status was determined by the ratio of the labor force employed in production (services) in accordance with the laws of each separate country of the population’s earnings. Low-wage workers can’t be paid less than other members of the working class.