How to write an essay on sexual harassment

How to write an essay on sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a form of hostile behavior, which is characterized by an attempt to satisfy the needs of such a person, whether it is a woman or a man. The object of such harassment is usually a woman. Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual attempts, requests for intimate contact, requests for sexual services and other verbal or physical acts of a sexual nature.

Almost always, when people become the victims of such type of intrusion, they have no choice but to quit. Thus, no matter how dire the situation is, there is some hope that the offender will not be sentenced to death or be expelled from the university.

How to determine the psychological consequences of sexual harassment? The topic of the paper should be relevant, topical, vague, and widely discussed. This is the reason why we have such a concept as “cultural stereotypes” and “group stereotypes” which do not allow us to focus on individual cases. Such concepts allow us to talk only about the general rules and principles of the law regarding the exploitation, and therefore, the diversity of people subjected to sexual abuse must be taken into account.

There are many definitions of this concept. The general concept is the basis of the sentence (two or more sentences) and the idea behind the sentence. So, you may wonder how to write a research paper on sexual harassment. The following definitions of this concept are used in this type of essays:

  • Concept, typology and theoretical analysis of the phenomenon. The subject of the paper is the idea of the assigned roles and responsibilities for them, the social roles that are associated with the phenomenon.
  • Reliable and objective assessment of the phenomenon by the public. The evaluation is objective, unbiased, and the source is considered objective. The test is aimed at measuring the level of competence and character, the effectiveness of the achievements of the government in the sphere of human rights.
  • The public good and the rule of reciprocity. The above definition of the concept “family” applies here. The value system of the family is one of the most important tools for socialization, which provides the most important social processes of the socialization of the individual. The social roles of the family are subordinated to the interests of the individual.
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    The principle of social responsibility. The second definition of the family applies here. The word “family” is used as a synonym for “family”. The definition of the “family” is not identical with the concept “family”. The above-mentioned examples are general, without any exception. The notion of the “family” is applicable in practice only if it is supported by the institution of the family. The image of the ideally beautiful family is created precisely by law, and the social roles necessary for the functioning of the society are reflected in the families of different age, between- sexes, and, of course, various types and forms of families, which are presented in the study of family relationships.

    Any important characteristic of the family, which may be described in essays about family relationships, is the attitude towards children. The first acquaintance with children is the most difficult, since children can be considered as objects of Influence (one of the main indicators of the family’s societal importance). You may push forward the following definition of this concept in an advantages of child labour essay: the value of the intimacy of contact with children is the most important criterion for evaluating the activity of the family as a whole, since this is an indicator of the level of family functioning. The degree of family functioning depends on the level of family values, which the family performs. The value of the traditional family rests on the prestige of the birth of a man as a unique individual, the genetic prerequisites for his professionalism, purity of will and justice. The Modern family faces many problems, which are subsequently inevitably reflected in the children. Many families need specialist psychologists services, psychotherapists, as there are factors (low level of psychological and pedagogical literacy of parents, attachment to the old way of life, unwillingness to change themselves, as well as relationships in the family), leading to family dysfunction. The big disadvantage of this system is that these bodies often react only to the consequences, leaving the causes of the problem unsolved, without changing the value system of the family. In the essay on the impact of family dysfunction on children, it is important to say that essential defects of family education are manifested in the transition to the next generation on the social level. In the context of the crisis of the family, the child loses his sense of purpose and self-esteem. The level of sensitivity of the child to own image increases. The child tears the tissue of the psyche, effectively obscures the image of own personality.