How to write an essay on social media

How to write an essay on social media

The age of the average adult (± male) has decreased from 37 to 41 years, and the number of children under the age of one has increased from 6 to 12 years. Personal data of one young person is very different from the opinions of adults: in 2017, the average age of a man is 50 years lower than the age of a woman (39 years ago).

Childrenhood is emotional. Emotions not expressed in words and actions, not aimed at the outside world are doomed to remain inside. The consequence of the unexpressed feelings is the phenomenon of alexithymia. Dissociation with own emotions helps to regain lost control over the inner world and the outward situation. Metaphors, aphorisms, fairy tales, stories could be used as effective methods of understanding the influence of such factors on the psychological state of a person. Such easy “gaming” communication helps to reassess the situation as a whole, to change and expand the outlook, to increase self-esteem. According to many of studies, cognitive processes constitute the most common class of fear activators. The change in the vision of oneself and the problem entails a change in the internal state.

The next important step in psychological work is the transition to decision-making. A person tries to understand own values, desires and, based on existing or potential opportunities, determines the goal or images of what she would like to achieve. Only after all this, she schedules concrete steps to achieve the desired changes.

Thus, describing domestic violence against women in America and other countries of the world, you may propose the following strategy for helping victims with complex emotional experiences: step-by-step psychological work with feelings, outlook, development, and decision-making.

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The situation of violence is accompanied by a violation of interaction with the surrounding reality, a decrease in the quality of social contacts. In this regard, the role of group forms of safe, supportive and confidential communication increases in the rehabilitation system for victims of violence.

The internal conflicts with this type of experience are solved owing to participation in the psychological support groups.

The advantages of the psychological support groups are as follows:

  • members of the group are well-known experts with experience in this area;
  • the practice is repeated every day;

  • unique, individual approaches to problems and form of interaction with the surrounding reality;
  • it is easy to find a specialist in this field of knowledge in any specialty – a specialist in psychotherapy, counseling, or juvenile justice.
  • An important task is the formation of an adequate knowledge of the subject of the psychological impact of domestic violence on a woman. Even if the victim is a well-known specialist, she should have the necessary knowledge and be able to work with any questions.

  • After you have conducted a research on the impact of domestic violence on the families, it’s worth selecting the socio-psychological conditions that characterize the adjustment of the victim to the situation of violence.