How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

The subject is the small social group which, however, is often not unified. At the first glance, this concept seems to be a subset of other types of relationships, namely, affection, comradeship, love, etc. Studying the relational basis of friendship, it will be possible to understand how these relationships are different from others.

The study of friendship is characteristic of the dynamics of its development. Institutional settings, the nature of interpersonal relationships, their stability and psychological content (their ability to endure and maintain friendship) make it possible to define and refine the mechanisms of their development. Studying the characteristics and functions of friendship, the author can propose either how to realize friendship or how to organize and integrate it.

Even the most common and simple definition of friendship does not give an idea of their internal semantic meaning. We can assume in “What does friendship mean to you?” essay that the communication is associated with other people. However, the word “friend” can be interpreted as an inalienable part of the understanding of the meaning of this phenomenon. The closest relationship is usually understood as a highly emotional attachment which, however, are not identical to everyone. The word “love” can be interpreted as enthusiastic desire for the positive manifestation of the inflamed feelings.

An important peculiarity of friendship is the frequent changes that occur in friends’ values. As a rule, they are associated with the characteristics of the individual: the acceptance of other people’s points of view. However, the changes in the value of friends are more gradual, less intense, and do not always correspond to the stable values of the individual.

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There are several theories of attraction which may be described in essays about friendship. All of them can be traced in the light of the presence of the basic principle of friendship – shared desires and aspirations. However, the variations are manifested, which you may consider in essays about friendship.

The main rule: a friend is a (mostly) person whose ideas are supported by evidence and feelings which are instinctive, regardless of the level of awareness of the subject of interaction. However, the friend is not a perfect personality. The level of understanding of the friend is lower, and, in some cases, even below, the level of intelligence. The actual considerations for the perception of the friend are limited to the following factors:

  • The inclination of the individual to the position of the individual in the team of others.
  • Patrimony. Although, love is often considered as the best attribute of a person, and therefore, many people seek to communicate with friends through this means, i.e. motivate their weak sides to overcome their weaknesses.
  • With the help of analogy, the argument for friendship essay may be based on the experience of other people. Their feelings, attitudes, values, etc. may be described as negative only if applied to the phenomenon under consideration.
  • Independence and responsibility. Due to the lack of dependence on the opposite sex, young people often choose many relationships at once. As a rule, the ability to let go of the world’s distractions is associated with the ability to switch relationships at once.
  • With the decrease in the number of negative memories, the brain focuses on the danger of offending the self-esteem of the individual. As a result, negative emotions and emotions are stored. The person may begin to feel shame or embarrassed by them. This phenomenon is often called “anxious state”.
  • Concentration of pressure, tautology. The person is forced to do actions without conscious awareness, minus the perception of own personality.
  • A sense of social loneliness, a source of high emotions.
  • Stable depressive syndrome.
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    Physical consequences of friendship

  • It should be noted in a “How to end a friendship?” essay that physical relationships are also very important. It should be understood as the highest form of interpersonal relationships, in which each person gives other his own place and food, plays the role of the soul and the flesh. Through the family, generations of people replace each other, the eternal language is used.

    The analysis of the relationship between people is carried out according to the following plan:

  • Personal values, i.e. the essence of the relationship between partners chosen and the common values that bring up the needs and desires of the individual.
  • The structure of the relationship is determined by the totality of the results of the above.
  • Intimacy. The most important aspect of this concept is the division into the intermediate and final forms, the inadequacy of communication, the lack of mutual understanding, the lack of communication in the network, the absence of group social roles, the disparity between the network and others, the segregation of people, the lack of common values, material well-being, etc.
  • Locality.