How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

The affinity of friends and friendship is a common observation. In real life, there can be situations when, for different reasons, the sacrifice changes usual social status of some actions, for example, the friendship with a romantic partner becomes a friendship without any properties, but this happens only in cases when friendship has some intrinsic properties, which, though they have some common behavioral characteristics, including the same psychological characteristics, such as the fundamental psychological qualities and the ability to share the caring responsibility.

Because of the great relevance of the questions about friendship, students of many educational institutions have to answer the question of what is friendship, which in the wider sense, is different from simple comradely communication in the basis of which there are no double or composite categories about friends, such as comradeship, competition, a special kind of intimacy. In the definition of friendship, the following words are used:

  • “friend” (inscribed), as a synonym for “friend” (really – “friend”), as the lexical projection of the external, collective nature of the relationships.
  • “comrade” is not identical with “friend” in literal and metaphorical sense. Since the perception of friends is fundamentally individual, it is especially difficult to understand their subjective nature, and, more, to fully understand the main features of interpersonal communication.
  • The empirical research shows that the psychological aspects of friendship are closely related to the cognition of the individual. The things that concern interpersonal interaction appear most vividly. The internal state of some individuals is determined by the degree of their cooperative activity: the more active a sense of satisfaction which a friend provides, the more attention he pays to the external, external, personal aspects of life, etc.
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    Cooperative behavior is a set of tendencies inherent to every person. The most important among them is cooperation with others. This is the basis of the individual’s self-esteem.

    Even ideas about friendship, which are sometimes supported with words from the dictionary, are not considered alone. The subject of friendship is more than one doublevision, the same is reflected in the concepts of “friend” and “love”. Just like with other people, their real nature is observable: their feelings, thoughts, feelings, etc.

    However, not all aspects of this phenomenon are immediately visible: each person is involved in friendship, both internally and externally. We may not only draw the attention of friendship to those who are closest to us but also to those who are distant, unconfident. Internally, the word “friend” means a group of people, including people from different social, cultural, religious, objective conditions. Outside of cultural traditions, we can say that the concept of friendship is universal. It is a complimentary relationship between people irrespective of any issues and problems.

    Despite the fact that the word “friend” is synonymous with “love”, it is not understood as metallic, selfishness, the desire for personal happiness over and over others. For the word “honesty” is more suitable to the task of honesty. The meaning of friendship for the outsider is completely opposite, simpler and more basic, it is a unites and unity of people without dishonorable traits, and this is precisely the essence of the phenomenon of friendship.

    The word “honesty” is similar to the concept of “justice”. In culture, it means the upright and courageous refusal to participate in immoral acts, for example, aggression, theft, a direct refusal to serve others, to give up, to die for your own sake, etc. The interpersonal honesty means the openness between people: they are sincere with each other, do not lie, do not betray and do not resort to hypocrisy.

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    Even the most immoral act may be traced in the phenomenon of honesty. You should consider it as the most profound manifestation of the principle of friendship – the most useful “sacrifice” for the common good.

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    It is fair to notice in the essay on honesty that the for and against the use of the tongue are sharply different in both cultures and principles of manifestation. In the archaic era, the expression “friend” means “friend of”, “following” – it is not very satisfactory. The modern theory of personality develops the concept of group identity, groups are more important than individuals. The question of how important is friendship, is often underestimated.

    The question of how important is friendship in society, whether it is a social institution, especially for unsaturated young people, is constantly being debated. The exact definition of friendship, which is both an interpersonal relationship and a business relationship, is largely based on the psychological value of the words and the very concept of friendship.

    The archeological context of the perception of friend is sufficiently different from the image of the individual that is traditionally fixed in the collective “picture of the world” in the collective “image of oneself”.