How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

The affinity between friends and each other is usually considered as one of the main reasons for young people to communicate with others. This approach to the subject is very similar to the way of understanding the subject. In addition to the above, fellow communication helps to establish the new friendly connections, and therefore, it contributes to the overall goals achievement.

But the most important effect that the cordial ties have on the closest surrounding is the very emotional connection that is formed by the collective experiences of the individual. In this regard, the wisdom to talk to others, rather than to ignore the troubles of the world around, allows to gain insight into own personality and problem.

When speaking of the interconnection of friends, we can say that the main thing that unites us is individuality, freedom, and friendship. This means that each person is willing to help another in solving their life problems. However, the uniqueness of friends also indicates the possibility of having close communication with each other. Only complete communication can give the joy of this feeling, and this is real, which can be described as freedom of friendship essay.

However, the uniqueness of friends also should not be limited to simply the fact that they are from different people. A unique individual experience cannot be a basis for friendship, because the individual features are the most important aspect of the perception of the collective image. To make friends, we must all understand the various forms of interpersonal communication, be able to feel respect for each other, which is manifested, in particular, in the joint enjoyment of the happiness of the whole group, the feeling of belonging to the same team, the ability to share experience, and so on.

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The uniqueness of friends also should not be limited only to feeling a presence of similar feelings in the collective psyche. To find true friends, we must learn to share experiences, emotions and feelings with others.

However, if individuals are able to share their own convictions and feel the harmony of relations with society, then, after a while, we will also get the feeling of true friendship, and this, of course, will be accompanied by the high level of satisfaction which will be expressed in the sacrifices for friendship essay.

How to write about friendship?

Writing the qualities of a friendship essay, it’s worth stressing that sincerity, justice and willingness to work must be present in the equation of friendship. They are not two independent qualities. The word “honesty” means a whole orientation of the individual in the group of close people. It is not limited to simply the absence of any extraneous influence, interference, self-deception. In it, we can talk about the inner voice not which the individual hears on the phone.

What is honesty?

Indeed, sincerity is the most important quality to know about, and it is especially important to know how to write about friendship. The word is used in a variety of meanings, and the meaning of honesty is excavated in the process of communication.

The internal significance of honesty is universally recognized. A person knows from experience how other people (his friends) feel and how the same feelings are experienced by others. At the same time, it is extremely important to note the differences between people in terms of the qualities and the nature of their relationships.

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We can say that the principle of honesty is largely based on the principle of similarity and equality. Although, in practice, it can lead to the opposite effect. In order to achieve it, for example, a person has to violate his own integrity, actions and habit of actions which are contrary to own values. Such an approach to solve the problem of honesty is sometimes called betrayal.

The opposite extreme is excessive honesty, which is sometimes defined as the absence of any intentional or local acts of violence, especially against another person. Extreme example is the behavior of a white woman which is called cruel. The behaviors of a friend can be cruel too. However, if two people are engaged in mutual activity and act in such way in relation as to the overall well-being of the whole group, such behavior can be considered as acceptable to the ethical norms of the UP community.

There are various types of friendship also. All these can be used for teaching purposes. The most common of them are enumerated below.