How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

The Academy of Social and Economic Research has long been on the problem of the identification of friendship, which, on the basis of ideas about the common connections between love and friendship, are being developed in social psychology. The study of interpersonal relationships is stimulated by the psychological interest in the suspecting of a friend, the desire to explore the meaning of this feeling and the opportunities that may be realized in the communication.

The analyst is inclined to focus on the encouraging and stimulating sides of communication, which he experiences in the course of working on everyday events. The subject is alive for him: he is the real “I”. Improvement of interpersonal relations, the ability to highlight the positive and negative aspects of interpersonal relationships, their perception in the light of the whole reality are mentioned here.

Interesting fact for the friendship essay: the subject is always together with his friend without any restrictions, although usually, when interpersonal ties are intense, they are considered as the most important components of communication.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the researchers of sociology have been exploring the nature of friendship, its social forms and dimensions. In particular, the concept of friendship goes back to the Old World. The sociological research child has been known since ancient times. The interactive process of interpersonal interaction is precisely its daily sign.

The next place to explore the intangible concept of friendship is the age dynamics of friendship. The essay would be more relevant to look at the changing role of friendship as a social institution.

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With age, the meaning of friendship is typically increased. The desire for friendliness increases as the child gets older. The age dynamics of friendship, as well as other interpersonal relationships, is measured primarily in the development of the individual attitude towards the friend, which, in turn, may have various consequences for society.

The results of the age dynamics of friendship are unambiguous: the desire for friendly relations grows as the child succeeds in self-esteem and begins to pay attention to own appearance. The results of the self-esteem of a man are characterized by the change in the value system of the individual as his friend.

There is a age trend in the psychological significance of friendship. The desire for a partner decreases with the transition from childhood to adolescence. Adolescents may be considered as the children of a younger generation.

You may consider such paper as friendship is a kind of alternative to a usual entry essay. Because of its interesting facts, the interest of scientists increases. The complexities of the perception of own personality and the problems of interpersonal relations may be considered in the essay.

The ageing process is accompanied by a change in the value system of the individual. The desire for the activity of the mind, the ability to think, open a mouth, etc. grows as the brain grows. And the content of this part of the personality may be changing with the actual acquisition of consciousness.

The aging process is always accompanied by the movement of friends from the group into adulthood. This process is often named as the “psychological turnover” in friendship essay. The internal conflicts of the individual, the clash between his real interests and the needs of the group, the desire for participation in group activities, the feeling of belonging to the same group are all present in the process of maturing.

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Psychologists believe that the aging process is the most significant psychologically intense period in the life of friendship. The initial period of the aging process is the first year of the relationship formation. The second one is the transition from the individual to the public consciousness. The third stage is the final and largest birth (typically, a retirement party). There may be several stages of this process, and each of them has its specifics.

Generally, the ratio between the younger and older friends rises with age. The results of the latter are dependent on the characteristics of the individual. The dynamics of friendship, as a rule, is continuous. A younger person begins to be friends with older ones. This relationship can be preserved regardless of the changes in the personal values of the elderly.

However, in some cases, such relations are not stable and are often broken. The elders lose their friends, and this circumstance is often characterized by the expression of the personal interest and desire for the accomplishment of the elder’s functions. The material value of the older friends is often determined by the expenses that are shared with the children (coercion for intimate contact, sharing a bed with a partner, etc.).

Thus, in the adolescence period, the value of friends is lower than of the younger ones. This is reflected in the opinion of the girl/boy attached to the younger friends, especially if the latter are much younger. The cause of this disparity is the unequal relationship between the older and younger friends.

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The cause of early youth loss of friendship is the excessive desire for close communication. This may be described as the “I-turn-I-friend” syndrome. Adolescence is the privileged age of friendship.