How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

How to write an essay on the basis of the definition of friendship?

The academic definition of friendship is part of the same category as the concept of love in which it is combined with the notions of trust, comradeship, flirting, mania (intrusive love, strong friendship, selfishness, unconditional love, etc.), along with the properties of each of these things. Since such definitions are applicable in various fields of knowledge, they affect the understanding of the nature of friendship, its social meaning, ethical and cultural properties, and most importantly, the ways in which interpersonal relationships are perceived.

The basic semantic position is the distinction between friends and each other. In order to have a true understanding of the nature of interpersonal relationships, it is also necessary to have a clear idea of the subject through which each of them will be oriented.


In many respects, internal qualities (such as arrogance, overestimated self-conceit, easily vulnerable ambition) are the first and most important stumbling block that prevents a person from looking at himself honestly. Often they do not allow us to admit own incompetence, ignorance, imperfection, to undertake something to the limit of own knowledge and only to act accordingly, even in the most favorable circumstances.

Prohibition to know

A number of social and psychological phenomena of modern society support self-deception and make it difficult for a person to be honest with himself. For example, rejection of responsibility, censorship, projection, moral judgments and many other public manifestations contribute to self-deception. Shallow knowledge of own psyche and unconsciousness also do not allow a person to look at himself truthfully.

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Secondary benefits

It’s also worth including secondary benefits in an outline for friendship essay. They include special benefits in the process of communication with other people, including communication with peers, fairs, games, attendance at conferences, business meetings, etc. They are neither significant in the sense of the concepts reflected in the essay on friendship nor are they actually manifested in reality. But the secondary benefits part should be carefully analyzed and appropriately used. The main thing that should be done is to make sure that all these benefits will stay with you even in the critical situations.

Considering secondary benefits in isolation from the main topic of the essay, it’s worth noting that they also can play an important role in the process of recovery from negative emotions and experiences. For example, the secondary benefits of illness (long absence of recovery) are often the care and attention of relatives or material rewards (insurance). Indicate this fact in your essay on friendship and family.


It is necessary to discuss the benefits of relaxation which is gained by constant physical activity. The results of physical activity are listed below.

  • The main benefits of relaxation are listed below. They can be summarized as follows: in the future, when changing the activity, the reaction and feelings of a person will be quite high. However, nowadays, many people prefer to avoid restriction in the use of time and think “I should better pay someone to write my essay”.
  • Chronic optimization
  • If a person is able to optimally exist for a given number of years, then, at least, he can be considered a hybrid of many factors. In order to achieve a positive result, he must have a few years.

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  • Maximal integration
  • If a person is able to exhibit all the above-mentioned features, they are likely to have a dominant social position. Such a specialist is considered very valuable. Typically, bosses use such employees for a short period of time. In the future, when moving on to the next step, the dominant position can be maintained.

    However, if a person is able to indicate both positive and negative moods, then it is better to stop taking drugs and to stop taking any alcohol at the same time. Also, it is recommended to stop smoking altogether. The statements “It is better to take drugs with a friend” and “You should quit smoking” should lead to the fact that there are no harsh realities behind the behavior of young people.

    If a person is able to express both sentiments and make the text understandable, then it is better to create a special post of personal thoughts.

  • Hostile mentality
  • The characteristic of this phenomenon is the desire to take the victim’s position under the influence of an unconscious sense of guilt. Sadism is considered as sexuality expressed in violence against another person. However, in a broader sense, sadism also means violence not associated with sexual contact.

  • The symptoms of the obsessive need to punish the victim for something he or she did. For example, a person is very likely to start thinking about the superiority of the victim even in the presence of serious events. Such an attitude often leads to the fact that the offender retains the focus of attention.