How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

Whether you are writing an essay on unemployment or a research paper, it is crucial to keep the particular legal aspects of the issue in the foreground. In this regard, it is also necessary to make some notes on the background of other facts. Let us explain what are these notes.

The facts about unemployment are everywhere and sometimes it is even difficult to think of some facts correctly and publish them in your academic paper. We suggest you to rely on our professional and vivid memory of your experiences. We will tell you very soon how to structure best yourself without stress and worry about nothing. It is quite easy. Just fill in a short form on our website, and our support team will contact you.

Some facts about unemployment

The facts below may be used as a hook for essay on unemployment. But they are also true for other parts of the essay, and they are useful in the academic due to their interactive nature.

  • The overall unemployment rate varies depending on a country’s population. The higher the percentage of people employed in the labor market, the lower (inflation-adjusted) the unemployment rate. For example, in the field of unemployed people, the employment rate is less than the actual rate of unemployment. This is why, in some countries, the highest unemployment rate also typically occurs in the social field, in the sphere of industries with less skilled labor (for example, textiles) and service sphere (its lower strata, for example, nurses in medicine). The causes of high unemployment rate are generally quite obvious, but sometimes we don’t even think about it. For example, the common cause for high unemployment rate is the excessive ability of workers to search for work, lack of appropriate education, low-quality education, and social protection. These reasons lead to massive destruction of the economy, social services, and infrastructure. The consequence of the glut of applicants is mass poverty, lack of income, and unemployment, which may be a sad outcome of this problem. This problem is especially visible in developed countries in the third and fourth decade. The huge influx of highly qualified specialists, many of whom have worked in the coveted profession for a short period of time (over 5 years in the case of medical education) leads to the fact that, most often, the lower class of the employed population will lose its leading position, and the middle class will take over it. The situation will be awkward for the vast majority of the population, especially the highly qualified and educated workers. They will suffer from underdevelopment, especially in big companies such as Xerox. And the big companies do not always strive to make their workers sick. They work simply because they understand how to make their employees happy.
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    The other fact is that non-working students may find themselves on the lower job pay than working students, receiving less than their regular salary. There are many young people who have no opportunity to work full-time because they have a family, job, or because they are afraid of taking any actions that might lead to them being fired.

    Fortunately, with the rise of the fashion in the world students were able to dress freely. Nevertheless, the modern youth is still not as flippant as it was at one point. The admission essay writing service in Canada isstill not ready to simplify this problem, and its creators are often faced with the difficulties of choosing the new employee.

    For example, a young specialist with a quality education may be rejected by the head of the company simply because of his/her religion. Usually, these are the religions of people who know how to work on their own behalf.

    Multidisciplinary research

    If you want to broaden your horizons, look for more diverse sources of information. For example, one of the recent American surveys showed that many homosexuals work “for survival” and are not afraid to speak their mind. About 40% of respondents believe that the information they receive from newspapers and other sources is trustworthy. But the most important thing to include in your research paper on gay rights is such thing as education, which affects many aspects of your work. Higher education means more opportunities for self-expression, growth in career growth, and beyond. Studying at a university enables to learn more, which is good for everyone.

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    As a rule, of those who enter the United States, the situation is already quite favorable for homosexuals. However, the history of this problem reaches the start of the 20th century. The truly interesting fact is that, in the 1960s, the activity of homosexuals was so high that it was perceived as a norm, and its victims were openly humiliated in the streets, in the media, and opposed by everyone, even entirely innocuously. The sixties, as the “peak” of activity, did not lead to a fundamental change in the perception of LGBT people. And the phenomenon of “normality” did not need to be explained from the point of view of society, but remained common.