How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

In order to modernize the modern world, it is necessary to make some efforts to improve the level of employment and create the conditions for the approximate transition from the industrial to agrarian economy. In this regard, you can push forward the following proposal in an essay on unemployment:

  • firstly, we should improve the educational system, as well as provide the high-quality primary and secondary education;
  • secondly, we should improve the attitude of governments to people who do not prefer to work and have low qualification;
  • ongo, we should encourage and support young people, as well as those who do not yet have skills and are struggling to get into the technology.
  • In this sector, professional activity is highly demanded, which results in tremendous opportunities for professional growth. However, most of them are associated with a lower level of education. So, in order to prevent problems, it is necessary to bring rate of education to a minimum level, i.e. provide students with the highest level of knowledge. On the way to this goal, we managed to achieve success in the following areas:

  • the elimination of child labour in the public sector (especially in the rural areas);
  • the suspension of old people’s roles in the labor market;
  • the increase in the number of women in the upper social class.
  • The situation of employment and wages has changed little, but the attitude of employers and the attitude of employees has always been quite rigid. Even today, the average income of a middle employee is significantly higher than the salaries of other workers. In some companies, there are no minimum wages at all. The labor of teenagers is especially valuable. So, your income inequality essay will be very relevant.

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    The process of population aging has started (if you’re looking for the information, you’ll find it in the section on population aging). As a rule, in the late 80ies of the last century, the absolute age of retirement begins at 65 years old and lasts until the birth of a child. But there were cases when the death penalty was imposed and a punishment for it was introduced. In the past, the punishment for premature death was not so severe. Now it is customary to view the death as a euthanasia. Let’s illustrate. In one of the studies conducted in New York in the early 1990s, the death penalty was introduced for the upper age of workers (from 15 years old).

    So, this is what you should include in your essay on income inequality.

    There is also the concept of social inclusion which may be described in essays on income inequality. It means the opposite side of the inequality – the poverty. It should be understood as the social and economic status of representatives of the lower strata of society. It’s worth stating in the research paper on income inequality that, in the broad sense, this concept means the equality of opportunities in the distribution of social capital, the opportunity to participate in the distribution of incomes and, especially, social mobility. It’s worth adding in the income inequality essay conclusion that, in the Soviet Union, the principle of social equality meant equal distribution of opportunities in all spheres, including the distribution of incomes between the upper and lower classes. It’s worth stating in conclusion that the ideology of the proletariat always was based on a common effort of the masses in the direction of their economic development, and this concept served as a basis for the emergence of a very different society, the industrial revolution and the gradual dismantling of the old world. In the process of the proletarian revolution, the material base of the income of the majority of the population was the economy, which provided the cheap and the free creation of the mass labor force (content 3). The basic social movements occur both in the industrialized and in the developing countries. In the period of the American Dream, the mass culture of consumer goods, material resources, and social services was used. The ethos of the modern market corresponds to the ethos of the American Dream. Markets and the desire for growth create a new order in the spheres of the economy. The economy aims at providing the high level of the material well-being at the expense of the citizen, the guarantee of a decent life to all members of the population, the high quality of material goods and services.

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    The American Dream essay should describe the process of its creation. Its model is a joint declaration made by the American and English governments in the modern form. In America, a joint declaration was issued, in which the prerequisites for the creation of a common language were indicated.

    All these characteristics distinguished central American society from the European one, and this difference influences the European policy on racial and ethnic equality. In Europe, the ideals of humanism were placed above material practice, and life success was determined by many parameters.