How to write an essay on unemployment

How to write an essay on unemployment

In order to modern students, unemployment is considered to be a serious societal problem. Employment is considered to be the main tool used to meet the everyday needs of a person. This is why such an attitude toward the role of work has prevailed in the minds of many previous generations. The phenomenon of unemployment has been known from the ancient times. And today, it’s getting worse. The fact is that nobody is able to predict the future of unemployment, and therefore, we all have to be ready to fight this problem.

There is a serious problem here. The fact is that unemployment is a significant reason for losing the middle class in the United States. The research conducted by the United States Department of Labor shows that, in 2014, the lowest class in the United States received less than 30% of all available jobs. The percentage of low-wage workers has reached 18% of the workforce. But we don’t consider this to be a cause of poverty. For way, low-wage workers need to have an adequate remuneration for their jobs, which is reached by the standards of the living. You may push forward the following proposal in an advantages of income inequality essay: the requirements for the middle class in the United States are very high. Yet, low-wage workers need to work more than 60 hours weekly to meet the average requirement of the workforce. The true minimum of the wages is usually $7.25 per hour. But this is, unfortunately, not met by the citizens of the country. The reason for this shortfall in wages is the inherent inability of the vast majority of low-wage workers to cover their basic needs.

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If you are writing the essay on income inequality, make sure to add that, in the broad sense, the middle class is composed of the members of the lower class. Since the middle class is used to comprise a part of society, it is important to maintain the social peace along with other elements of the social structure.

There are several ways to present the argument of social inequality:

  • The economic instability. This is the main reason for the need for expansion of the middle class in the United States.
  • Disagreement and tension between the middle class and the lower class.
  • Though the social and economic progress makes the middle class stronger, the cultural identity of the lower class is still perceived by the majority of the population as inferior.
  • The emergence of a new class of the lower class (the industrious and highly paid lower class).
  • What is the basic social status of the middle class in the United States?

    The topic of the essay on social inequality is quite ambiguous. The following details should be described in it:

  • first of all, the middle class is distinguished by high intellectual level, high culture level, and social status. This is also the reason for the high popularity of the term “middle class”.
  • secondly, the middle class is distinguished by high heterogeneity and even ambiguity in many objective and subjective criteria. This prevents the understanding of the common interests of representatives of the middle class.
  • thirdly, the middle class is characterized by high openness, diversity, and mutual assistance of representatives of the middle class, the formation of a broad stratum of partners and the ability to influence the behavior of representatives of the middle class.
  • open competition in the labor market, which, however, does not apply to the interests of the middle class.
  • moderate income inequality. The middle class is widely represented in the income inequality list, and, however, not in the hierarchical income inequality column.
  • wealth inequality. The mean level of income of representatives of the middle class in the United States is significantly higher than the incomes of other elements of the middle class. The level of household expenditures is 10 times higher than the incomes of other groups.
  • income equality is also prominent. In the broad sense, equality means the amount of money received by all members in the form of wages, income from property and self-employment. It’s worth stating in wealth inequality essay that the level of average income, which the middle class receives, is higher than the salaries of other Americans.
  • natural equality (the absence of class inequality) is a kind of equality of opportunities in which all members are given the same wages, obligations and opportunities, regardless of their social status.